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New way to send a cover letter

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I don't know if this is the right place for this but I have been trying to find a better way to send a cover letter. Something that would be seen and wouldn't take to long to make. So I came up with t

i hate videos and i hate cover letters   i care about these, in order Portfolio I don't read cover letters, and i definitely close videos unless someone is a VFX artist or an animator.   i usu

Employers often want a guy who already know how to do art for the project they are doing so he can jump right into production without spending any time for formation; Say if they hire for a me

I think this is a great, great idea. First of all you come across as very sincere and genuine and the organization of the video is effective, it's concise and you hit all the right notes. One thing I would suggest is that your work doesn't appear connected to a great game.

I would suggest perhaps making a TF2 asset or something where you could communicate the transformation of your piece of art into the game world. That would be an effective addition to what you have here, IMO. Other than that, I like the idea and I like the initiative.

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I really like this idea too, and I think it's WAY better than making the recruiter read just another cover letter (it must be really boring if we consider the amount of applications they receive). I think the video length is appropriate too, but I don't have any "authority" on this subject as I never officially hired anyone. 1 min is ok.

One small thing I'd suggest is add a thumbnail/ small screenshot of your portfolio in the end of the video, as it may help to invite the recruiter to access your folio. Also, make that logo a hyperlink (using that youtube feature), so it's even easier to access your site. :)

I'd like to do something similar to apply somewhere, gj! :P

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Hmmm. I'm kinda torn, to be honest. I like the idea and it's quite cool that it shows a bit of your personality but I don't know if it comes off as a bit cheesy? Might just be the choice of music and some of the wording.

But then again I'm a grumpy bastard sometimes so I might be completely wrong.

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