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Bioshock Infinite - Spoilers thread

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+ length! i have no clue how long it took me to beat it ... i played it stretched out over 3 days and it felt like i played 5-8 hours each so round about 15 -20 ?! whilst most games these days feel like a schlocky michael bay movie this felt like a classy HBO mini series =^枚^=

+ gun feel is a huge step up from bioshock 1 and 2

+ originality. there are so many moments in this game where i thought: "wow i have never seen anything like that in a game before" like getting first person baptist for example.

+ colors !!! this game has "the" most attractive color-pallet in video game history ! this alone would make it worth playing !

+ location ... columbia is just sooooo fucking cool ... i criticize games and custom maps for unimaginative settings left and right (i am so done playing in sewers and warehouses) but this game delivers in strides ! if it wasnt for all the religion and racism i would desperately want to live there !

+ voice acting is superb ... i would have expected nothing less.

+ writing is excellent as always the plot ultimately becomes a bit daemon lindelof "lost" ish but it feels like this is a puzzle that can be solved unlike lets say a david lynch flick i enjoy a good mind bender every once in a while.they give my brain a very unique sensation that i enjoy a lot ... movies manage to do this constantly but for games its rare ...the only other example i can think of is probably metal gear solid 2 (one of my all time favorites ... yeah SUCK IT its great ! :D )

+ balls ! ken and irrational has them! putting religious leaders and their followers in one drawer with kkk-level racists deserves respect and applause. know any other games that are this dareing ?

+ skyhook is exhilarating fun all around!

+ the song bird is terrifying (whilst the plushies are adorable as fuck) every time i saw it/him in the trailers i was like: what the FUCK is that i was fascinated by it but at the same time i was thinking that inevitable boss fight will probably suck ass (i freshly played deus ex:HR at that point ... although i am not a boss fight fan in general) turns out you dont fight him he eventually becomes your ally ... so FUCK YEAH SONGBIRD

+ going back to rapture ... it seams so obvious in hindsight but i didnt see it coming ( do i vaguely recall ken saying in an interview that there is no underwater city in this ? you cheeky liar :D actually at that point it might have not been in the game yet)

+ tech art. there are lots of cool little fx and shaders everywhere like the parallax shop windows, the cut off "space time tear"-geometry the scrolling fire that eats away zeppelins/blimps and propaganda posters and many more

+ wobbly buildings... i have no clue how this was accomplished that all the buildings move and rotate relative to each other without the character-controls ai-pathfinding and collision in general fucking up really hard ... its a technical masterpiece o_o

+ elizabeths hair. when i first saw the blur studios reveal trailer i though blergh that looks hideous but they fixed that haircut last minute ... good call irrationality good call xD ( also note how she has telekinesis powers in that trailer but not in the game! less is more sometimes i think its good they focused on her having only 1 power one that is deeply rooted in the plot/theme )

+ upgrades feels substantial its not like they improve something by some numerical value and you dont really perceive it YOU FEEL THAT SHIT !.

+ you dont shoot first and ask questions later. plenty of moments where and escalated situation cools down and you manage to peaceful mix in with the columbia population and you even have moments with the police/soldiers/vox populi where a gun fight doesnt break out immediately i appreciate that. in fact i think the entire first 2 hours of the game go by without anyone getting killed.

+ pickups have a very interesting interplay you dont always want to pickup everything you actually have to THINK before you grab something.

+ use of music. who knew you can do more with music than set a mood you can also do story telling and "develop" you world. why do these guys sing beach boys songs isnt this 1912 whats going on here? interest in plot has just been increased ^^

+ the thimble finger. do you ever watch a movie and think i hope they do XYZ and than they dont and you are disappointed ? well i called what happened to elizabeths finger from the first second i saw it! but thought there is no way they are gonna go there BUT THEY DID AND IT WAS GLORIOUS

+its JUICY !!! punching people, collecting items, shooting guns, skyhooking, pressing a gui button everything in this game gives juicy feedback and i wouldnt have it any other way !

+ environmental story telling this game is bursting out of all seams with little nuggets of information absolutely every prop tells a story its crazy its almost too much of a good thing.

+quantum mechanics bitches! because of breaking bad i have been reading a bit about this heisenberg guy and than tesla and einstein which of course leads to general relativity and quantum theory ... of course i am only scratching the surface but its fascinating shit and to find an awesome game that deals with these themes that have just become a little passion of mine ...well its just excellent timing

+trailers. they were created from content that was specifically made for them to teach you about this world those levels are not in the game which i appreciate! i like it when movie trailers dont show any actual footage of the movie but give you the premise and a bit of flavor instead (minority report for example) i wished more games did this unless of course:

-your trailer shows awesome shit that doesnt actualy happen in the game: elizabeth getting hung by the vox popli ? handyman throwing you through a window onto a blimp, booker stopping a huge ass shell (still rotating and steaming ... SOOO AWESOME^^) with his telekensis/returntosender vigor or the vox pouli killing the mailman where was that shit ? which leads us straight to:

-elizabeth didnt do anything cool during my play through :( remember that lincoln head moment ? from the trailers ? or the gametrailers video review where she refuses to go into the mens bath room with booker ? apart form the mandatory scripted story stuff nothing like that happened to me she only leaned against props (often intersecting wildly into the geometry or standing a meter away from the lamppost leaning on air) and tossed coins at me during wildly inappropriate moments some times through walls. after all the marketing material i thought this stuff would happen around every corner. but her lines/voice is kind of unbelievable too: one time she stuck her nose into a lock pick item literally intersecting it she looked at it for 1 minute while i watched her and then she said there is a lock pick over there .... honey if its so close that your nose is touching it i think its okay to call that location over "here" ... i know this is nitpicky but it breaks the illusion! -_- one moment she has an incredibly deep, sad and profound moment talking to her dead mother once that sound clip was completed without even taking a breath happy voice says "I FOUND SOME MONEY" ... those are some pretty wild mood swings you got there. also i had that feeling that she teleported around whilst not in my view which creeps me out o_o especially since you CAN collide with her (tf2 repelling magnet none-collision would have been a big win here) and she constantly blocked my way and even locked me into a tiny room for 5 minutes once i thought i had to reset the game. whats also wiered about her collision is that she cant move you/push you aside when she is in one of her scripted animations during one of the final dramatic scenes she walked over/through me and i saw the inside of her mouth and eyeballs for a couple of seconds before they got eaten by the near clipping plane :D all in all despite me liking her visual design (large eye you can read from a far and such) i must say as far as believable companion character npcs go alyx vance > elizabeth at least from a technical stand point !

-no consequence to choice ? i picked the bird not the cage, i tried to throw the ball at the speaker not the inter-racial-couple, i was patient with the man at the ticket kiosk and didnt raise my gun. what did that get me ? nothing i checked for alternate endings and such on youtube but apparently there arnt any ?! why even have that choice interface if it doesnt matter ?

-looting! there far too many lootable objects in the game i spend 90 % of the time hammering the use button whilst spinning around the camera like crazy that also happened in bioshock 1+2 but i have a feeling its even more with infinite and its just not fun and ruins the pacing. and they are inconsistent too i found more than a fuck-ton of non-lootable file-cabinets tables shelves crates barrels and corpses that where perfectly lootable in other areas.

-pointless weapons this game has lots of them. once i had a shotgun and a carbine rifle i was set! i got high damage close range and precise long distance what more do you need? i guess you could make the case for the sniper rifle and the rpg for dealing more damage and zooming in even further but that hand canon ?!?! (high damage precise one shot) tell me what it can do that the sniper rifle or carbine dont do better (more range / higher fire rate) the repeater looked exactly like the machine gun and did almost the same thing too except you have to repress the button really fast ... for a gun introduced fairly late in the game you offer very little/no advantage over a gun i already had for hours ?! there is this grenade launcher thing (not the rpg) which drops ballistic arching projectiles that explode on impact but kill nobody with one shell .... thats one hell of a whimpy explosion. there is another machine gun clone that brought nothing to the table and that i used so little i already forgot its name. and even though bookers trademark handgun looks and feels great it too was phased out by the carbine rifle and its usefulness. and the heater did that do something different from the shotgun ?! i couldnt tell.

-vigors dont contribute to combat effectiveness when ever i made a proper effort to use vigors to kill my enemys it always took longer got me more hurt than when i just used the guns which is a shame because the fx are really cool and the functionality of a lot of them is really inventive. when i saw that murder of crows fx in the trailers i got goosebumps i though it was sooo cool turns out this vigors game-play purpose is nonexistent -_- also there is a bit of logic fail it seems booker is the only person in all of columbia that uses vigors.

-puzzles there were only few and they were super basic. there was only 1 moment where using the tears was used to solve a puzzle it involved spawning a skyhook and that was it and one instance where you use a vigor to solve a puzzle (fixing the gondola machine with the lightning thingy) ... these 2 mechanics are so cool and have so much polish this really was a missed opportunity they should have been used for more.

-boys of silence there must have been some last minute gameplay change or something because they dont seem to do anything hearing/audio related they have a searchlight and "look" for you boys of vision or boys of enlightment would have been a more fitting name ... they also look silly ^^.

-ghost mom ... i am getting increasingly weary with super natural shit in movies and games especially if its an other wise SOLID sci-fi universe.

-bookers right hand has a tattoo spelling "AD" which we find out stands for anna dewitt at some point he gets it stabbed and puts a rag around it as a bandage the game makes a point out of showing you all this because its plot relevant ... which is cool except: when you get a new vigor all that stuff disappears O_o couldnt they have just shown the left hand get transform ?! you are breaking my immersion !

-artifacts there is an alarming amount of z-fighting and light-map vertex color seams in the environment art. also console versions textures are obscenely lowres. (need to get it for pc at a steam sale and replay it once i have a new graphics card and more ram)

-the ending. after all your exposition/explanation about the infinite possibility space of parallel universes killing booker/combstock as a child wouldnt accomplish anything he would still "not" get smootherd/drowned/killed as a child in an infinite amount of other parallel universes. PLUS what actually happens is all those elizabeths drown the adult burned out gambler booker that you played through out the game who is already years past the baptism branching point ... drowning old burned out booker shouldnt fix/accomplish anything. what they should have done is open a tear to the past somewhere between bookers birth and the baptism after the wounded knee battle and kill that booked and than forever stay in that universe and be happy ! columbia wouldnt get build the vox populi wouldnt get suppressed/enslaved no violent uprising no attacking new-york ( and the rest of the usa and the world i assume) DONE. that would have been the logical/correct thing for booker and liz to do. what they end up doing is completely .... IRRATIONAL.

dont let the verboseness of my negative points fool you the positives outweigh the negatives by a massive amount

final verdict: MASTER PIECE go buy it at full price so that games like this continue to get made !


deeply envy anyone from mapcore who got to work on this =)

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While being a fantastic game, some things is going to need some explaining, maybe in the coming DLCs?

For example, the Songbird is still a mystery on how it came to be, what's under the hood, why is water so bad for it (other than fragile "eyes" that crack from the slightest water pressure), and where did the vigors come from? And why is the energy called salts?

In Bioshock 1, we get told that scientists were allowed to play god and thus created the plasmids, plus getting the first plasmid was dramatic compared to how Booker reacts to getting the Possession vigor. I expected him to flip out over suddenly obtaining a supernatural ability, but he just acts like "Ok that's nice I guess". In Infinite, the vigors seem be just there for powers sake, since I sure don't remember anything that implies or tells scientists were creating superpower sodas that is the vigors.

I was looking for the source of the vigors in my playthrough, like you were going to find some sort of lab, but it never happened. Perhaps another thing brought into the world using tears?

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-no consequence to choice ? i picked the bird not the cage, i tried to throw the ball at the speaker not the inter-racial-couple, i was patient with the man at the ticket kiosk and didnt raise my gun. what did that get me ? nothing i checked for alternate endings and such on youtube but apparently there arnt any ?! why even have that choice interface if it doesnt matter ?

Though I agree that this is something that was heavily hinted towards in the early demos that never played much of a role in the actual game, then one of those actually does have some consequences later on. If you throw the ball at the speaker, you'll meet the interracial couple later on in the Battleship arcade, that will give you an upgrade. It's pretty much the only place in the game that this happens AFAIK, and it's quite binary (they simply weren't there in my second playthrough where I didn't throw it), but it at least shows signs of it being in the game, but was probably cut (Fuyro? :))

Regarding Vigors, then it's my understanding that Fink discovered Plasmids through a tear and stole the concept/created Vigors based on that (same way he "invented" his music by hearing it through tears, or I assume most of his technology). I do agree that Booker's reaction to Vigors seems extremely laid back, but in some ways you could say the same with Jack in the original Bioshock. Casually drinking anything is just a Bioshock thing I guess :)

Also, something that was puzzling me the other day, but I figure that Booker's debt was in some way created by Comstock/Robert Lutece in order to force him to give away Anna. No Comstock, no debt.

Still can't stop thinking about this game :v

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fuck i have to stay away from this thread until i finish it. I got 1/4 through warbys post and was like FUCK SPOILERS FUCK

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@mazy actualy now that you mention it i ran into the couple aswell at some point but i dont recall getting an upgrade from them i think they just thanked me ? ( should i have looted them ?!?! ) what did they give you ?

@furyo everyone is talking about this number lock ?! where exactly is that ? is that something optional i dont think i saw that ?!

@skjalg what do you expect this is the spoiler thread !

and the more i think about it time traveling back to a tangent universe creation branch point and fixing it via suicide thats very donnie darko esque :D

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It's a suit upgrade, can't remember exactly which one.

In my second playthrough I just waited for the timer to run out, so I didn't do anything, which resulted in them not being there later. Don't know what the consequences are if you actually throw it on them, figure it's probably the same as not throwing it.

Also, this has got to be the first game in ages where I'm actually interested in the DLC, or rather, figuring out what the DLC is going to be.

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@furyo everyone is talking about this number lock ?! where exactly is that ? is that something optional i dont think i saw that ?!

It's the combination for the locked elevator that leads from Emporia into Downtown Emporia. Pay attention to the scene where Songbird comes through the window. Liz also enters the combination ahead of the player getting to the elevator once the scene is over.

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Male Lutece does not "create" a debt, he simply mentions to the 20 year older Booker that he has a way to fix it all. By going through the tear into the reality of the game however, Booker forgets all of this, and as Rosalind Lutece's book says: "The mind desperately struggles to create memories, where none exist". Once Booker is confronted with the lies he made up to fill up his blank memories, he starts bleeding from the nose every time he's reminded of the truth

Ah right, thanks for clearing that up.

Oh and thanks for getting this stuck in my head :D

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This moment made me go "WHOAAA!!!" when being pulled up by Elizabeth.


Plus I streamed the whole game in one playthrough, and it is recorded .. if you got 7 hours or so to spare : http://www.twitch.tv...ies/b/382697404

However I was already some hours into the game, but I decided to restart for the viewers.

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I just finished this at 6 in the morning. A great game that left me very confused and slightly disappointed at my own inability to grasp what actually happened. Thankfully PaulH saved me from myself and after reading his post I've gotten to grips with what was what... which annoys me a bit, I spent 13 hours playing through this while looking at and listening to everything I could, trying to intake all the information possible to try and understand what was happening, and still it went over my head in places. The weird thing is, I knew about halfway through that Elizabeth / Anna was going to be Booker's daughter - I was looking at the cover during a loading screen and noticed that Booker has blue eyes. Man I felt smug when that turned up.

So, I think what bothers me the most is the Tears / Alternate reality things. I personally see it as an explanation for everything, and somehow to me that takes away from the splendour and disbelief of all that happened, if that makes sense - I really like the vocabulary to articulate what I'm trying to say here so I hope I make sense - It's all incredibly well done and executed, but it made Colombia feel less amazing to me. And I love Bioshock 1, so the next time I play it all this is gonna be niggling away at me in the back of my mind. Not that I mind the cross-reference, but I think I would prefer if it didn't occur. But that's just my personal opinion and didn't stop me enjoying this game to the max.

Some great moments that stood out for me were:

  • In the Asylum, in the Wardens Office you pull a lever to bring the elevator door open, then you turn around to leave and there's one of those light head things in your face. I literally went "AHH!" that hasn't happened since Amnesia.

  • The Twins. I LOVED every part with them in it. My favourite was when I was in the cable car and they appear on opposite sides as you travel along. Playing the Piano, dancing, etc. Took me a while to realise that they were the ones who brought you to the Lighthouse on the rowing boat. Also, at first, I didn't know they were Twins. I thought they were just together as a couple. Derp.

  • THE ART. OH my god THE ART. The hands down best looking part of the game was with old Elizabeth with the burning New York in 1984. I literally went "Whoa." No game since Bioshock 1 has made me impressed enough to actually say something out loud with the art. Also the orange sunset with all the lighthouses was fantastic as well. These were serious stand out places for me in a game packed full of brilliant lighting and design.

  • Walking around the Arcade with Elizabeth, nexus posted a picture above with Elizabeth holding candy-floss, fantastic. Seriously.

  • The skyhooks are neat. Feel like god damn batman flying off those rails and punching some guy in the FACE.

  • The Crows vigor. Really cool. Basically the bees plasmid from Bioshock 1 but way cooler and messier.

Some not so great moments for me - to balance it out:

  • I didn't feel as immersed in the world as I hoped. Perhaps that can be attributed to my tastes? Maybe.. But that's not to say I didn't enjoy the world, I did, immensely! But there was just something about it that prevented me from sinking right into it.

  • No real stand out enemies. Ok ok, you could say the songbird is one, but you don't really fight him. And the big guy with the heart showing in his chest was cool. But on the whole I didn't think the cannon fodder to be terribly interesting. Is this a silly thing to focus on? I'm not sure. I just had a lot of fond memories of the splicers and big daddies in Bioshock 1.

  • Far too many pickups. During non combat I was just running around spamming e on everything. During combat I was running around spamming e on everything. Does the 1999 mode reduce the amount of stuff everywhere? I hope so as It got a bit much at times.

  • I had a hard time connecting with Elizabeth at first, it took me a fair old while to start seeing her as more than just an NPC that resupplies me on occasion. Maybe it was because Booker actually talks and I didn't really feel an actual part of it. I remember watching all the Trailers back in the day and there was one that really stood out to me: You're walking around a shop looking for stuff with Elizabeth, and you would be talking to her asking if this was what you are looking for, etc. And then the Songbird pops up and she shouts at you to hide, and you both take cover behind a table while the songbird looks through the windows - what happened to this? Whyyyyyy was it cut? I was so looking forward to this part. But in the end: Amazing character. It really did feel like I was watching a Disney Princess in a game.

Love you all <333 thanks for the great game and breaking my mind <333

This was my face at the end, no joke:


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