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HL: Nightwatch Chapter 2


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Looks amazing. One thing I'd like to see in NW map screens is COMBAT. Have you guys even done anything AI/Gameplay related? Until I came to Gearbox I thought just making maps look good and flow nice was difficult challenge, but fun. I soon learned that's the easy part. Making AI work, look right, and be FUN is the hard part.

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What we do have is "temp" AI around the map, because not all animations are finalized, we do not want to show off AI in action untill we are completly happy with all the models and such. Not to often do you see WIP shots from professional companies (unskinned models, editor shots, models that have improper porportions, etc). Though you do see early shots that they were happy with at the time, but that never made it to the final game. Animation is really killing us, the animators are hard to come by.

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DD is right. Getting my simple rotating blast doors to work in Halflife 1 was a pain in the ass. I got the entities to work, however half of the time halflife 1 decided to turn the doors into eachother on a whim no matter which direction I told them to go. Thats where the pain in the ass part came in. Not to start in with scripting enemies.

Nice CJ, I like how you finished that area. Looks a lot better than the hammer shot you showed me before you lit it :P Lighting and shadowing are a LD"s greatest trick in my opinion. You can hide ugly areas, low poly areas, and direct the player attention to the more detailed pretty areas.

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