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Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs


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  • 5 months later...

Just got past the area shown in the loading screen. Pretty great environment art and atmosphere so far. It definitely seems to be simplified, but not in a negative way. These horror games take so long because I had to calibrate my screen a bunch of times before I could even start :P

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I finished it. It's good but it's in no way great, especially compared to The Dark Descent. The game is fucking short, it only took me 4 hours to beat it and I took my time. The removal of mental sanity and the unlimited lantern means you can just sprint through the whole game without any consequences, since the monsters do not break you down mentally. The game is WAY WAY too linear; there may be two or three optional paths in the entire game and I'm barely exaggerating. The monsters themselves are definitely not scary. They may scare you when they surprise you but that's all.


On the bright side the game is very sweet visually, it has a very thick atmosphere and the story is intriguing even if it's cliché'd and far-fetched at the same time. The environment was refreshing and some areas in the game are absolutely gorgeous. But yeah, it's definitely disappointing compared to TDD.

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I would assume so. I've read Chinese Room is developing this using the HPL engine from Frictional.

So far it looks to be as shit scary as the previous Amnesia.... Would love to see this through an Occulus Rift :shock:


This guy is doing a playthrough of the game and has managed to get VR to work with it.

He goes through and explains how he set it up in the beginning of the video if your interested.

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      Two new asset releases!

      First up is Basalt. Sadly I can't release all of the assets as some of the nature stuff is from Megascans and can't be redistributed. Also only includes the assets I've made.


      Second one is assets I've made for Pitstop. A small release that includes some road and concrete trim textures, a bunch of sponsors and some skybox buildings that might be useful.


      As always, free for non-commercial use with attribution. 
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