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Your Favorite game intro

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really? I felt like I was just watching a badly acted b-movie. Everything was scripted out for you, even the camera movement...

Well, practically all the intros are getting posted are non-interactive; that's something I was tempted to discuss: is it an intro something non-interactive, should it be interactive, but your actions limited, or it can be the full blown game, to awe the player? God Of War has been mentioned for the latter, and I was tempted to cite Deadlight: you get a short comic-book intro and you are in the game, you play a full tutorial-level before getting to the main titles... (very stylish presentation there imo)

Being able to choose, I definitely would like to leverage the interactivity of the medium, but also a non-interactive intro can do, it just comes down to a matter of pacing.

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No love for Fallout? Really?

Not sure if this was eventually used as an intro in the game (can't remember). But it definitively fits into the intro category and still gives me goosebumps. You know, back in the day when the story didn't suck ;)

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