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Tropes vs Women in Video Games


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I only watched a few minutes as I'm about to go to bed but I did notice that all the 'women trapped in a refrigerator' trope examples she gave are my gf's favourite games, lol. I did actually think the Dante's Inferno intro was a bit OTT but she was loving it. D:

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False flagging videos is stupid. It looks like it was fixed in a few seconds, though.

She lists all the games there are spoilers for in the description. Bionic Commando is one but not Uncharted.

I only watched a few minutes as I'm about to go to bed but I did notice that all the 'women trapped in a refrigerator' trope examples she gave are my gf's favourite games, lol. I did actually think the Dante's Inferno intro was a bit OTT but she was loving it. D:

As far as I’m aware this is a dead trope in actual comic book circles because "dead men defrosting" turned out to be just as prolific. Being murdered to advance a plot around a central character is apparently all for equality.

I did have some problems with the video but I think HP is right that discussing it here probably isn't too wise. I will say that she makes a lot of serious claims but evidence for those claims is never given. "This works in subtle and complicated ways" does not seem like a sufficient link for fantasy violence and real-life violence. I'm assuming her research entails actual studies, hard facts and statistics people could digest.

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I liked how she didn't like that players, through player freedom, could "check out" women (sneaking in Dishonored and zooming in on them). Surely, this must be OK because it's the player that objectifies women and no one forces you to? :D Same goes for killing female characters in open world games... ehm, I mean, we generally kill males in games. In droves. :x I think a lot of games are sheit when it comes to the handling of female characters. For example, some of the cutscenes in Hitman Absolution were absolutely cringeworthy.


But I disagree with a fundamental principle of hers. Namely, that bodies cannot be appreciated for what they are and people must, somehow, connect to other people on a more deep level than just appearances. I do not fault any woman for checking out a guy with klller abs on the beach without getting to know him. Men, in general, like the female form and vice versa. But, that doesn't mean that games should devolve into gratuitous softcore porn, so I'm totally with her on that.

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I'm planning on making a video series about shaming and exposing homosexuals and the things they like. It's gonna be a hit in the progressive and liberal circles of tumblr and the internet at large.

Thing is i really CAN'T STAND IT that when one of the homosexuals checks out pictures of random muscular and sexy male bodies that he thinks of MY penis and doesn't appreciate me for the strong, smart and indipendent person that i am!

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I just watched the last video and I couldnt finished it, it just got too ridiculous.

First off, if you play games, you dont think about all that stuff that she´s complaining about.

When I play GTA I dont care which gender the person had which I just overran or bombed back into the stoneage.

Beside that the majority of those dead pixels are often male anyways.


Also, if you base your opinion about women on video games and movies... well, you probably got some other issues to worry about.

If everyone would follow her logic, we would have to ban women completly out of games because if they´re shown, they will find anything to complain about and if they arent in games they will complain about it

as well.

And we "males" could start complaining about the way males are shown because we are not superheros or have those bodies that for example Hitman Characters have.


I know that Women have to fight for their rights in some places on earth, but its definetly not in games.

I mean, if you want to see how gamer think about women, pretend to be one in an MMO and you will see how bad they are thinking of them. (If you have bad luck, you will end up talking to kids who all have banged your mom though. )


About the covers and advertisements, seriously... Who decided to buy a certain game just because the boobs on the cover were the biggest in that shelve.


feel free to disagree.^^

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I mean that Im not looking at games to make up my opinion on certain topics and I dont know why others seem to do so. I may play the wrong games then.

They dont have to completly change games just because some people think that some other people could take this as wrong message.

I mean, GTA is known for being not correct in every way, why is it as example in there?


And im not someone who picks up any "messages" through Media like Games and Movies. (those who are supposed to be for fun, I mean srsly... Saints Row?!)

I dont know what kind of games you play, but the reason I play games is to have fun, to relax and to experience Adventures that wouldnt be possible in reality.


I never cared about how characters look, all they have to do is to fit in that type of game. Some games may have overdone it, but I dont really care and games like Saints Row

are doing it on purpose anyways.

Watch Dogs scene was completly taken out of context. You where about to take out that smuggler ring, there is no way that you can say that they want to tell you that its good what

they are doing or whatever she was thinking of that was happening there.

Shes reading too much between the lines to find any hidden messages about stuff.


Seems like the time to play games for fun is over. Better interprete hidden statements in everything.

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