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So this seems to be the new trend.


I am undecided, it seems really sneaky and a way to encourage buying something before you know if it's good. Personally I do that all the time because I am a weak-willed peasant - but this seems somehow devious, yet understandable from a publisher point of view.

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It's a good method at getting more pre-orders I bet. Very much the same as the pre-order bonuses like TF2 hats and such. It probably gets people talking and spreading the word to try to get more people to pre-order so they can unlock everything.

I like this method less though, since if the game doesn't sell well then I miss out on some of those bonuses I would have got from a normal pre-order.

I don't pre-order these days anyway unless it's a title I really want.

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My last preorder was Aliens:Colonial Marines so perhaps that's a bad reference point. But the last couple of years there has been a lot of focus on preorders and preorder rewards. I've done this three times and all of them were very disappointing.

I'm not going to fall for this crap again. Regardless of how long they withhold reviews or how many rewards and discounts they give me, I'm not buying it. I'll listen to the opinions of people and from sources I trust, I'll play demo's or beta's or I'll test it at a friend but I'm going to make damn sure that I know what I'm buying.

The only exception being Kickstarter. I'll gladly pay money to get stuff made that I really want to play.

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Well, i very very very rarely pre order games. There's rarely any point to it, unless the game will be released with a limited edition I really want to get my hands on, and I know it will sell pretty fast. Last example of this is bioshock infinite songbird edition.

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