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Hi, I just learned about this site and figured I'd post my map here :) I still don't consider myself an advanced mapmaker, so it'd be great to get constructive criticism from other mappers.

This map is designed for 5v5 league gameplay and I'll be submitting it to the CEVO contest. I intend to update it regularly based on playtesting and feedback, so please, don't hold back!

Workshop page:








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Seems nice; by the screens I see here and on the workshop, I would suggest to break up the ceilings a little bit (eg third screen on workshop, detach some tiles - in the contrary first screen support beam junctions seem overdone to me and just unrealistic). Outside the skyline seems would benefit from more height variation.

But i'm judging only from screens.

A top-down view for the layout would be nice to understand how it should play.

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Just ran around this map when i saw it on the workshop a week ago or so. Love the asthetic and how all the geometry interconnects etc. Love the mid. Overall the layout seems really balanced and i cant see any problems that stand out (ovistly i havent played this in a mix yet or anything, hopefully this will be in the next csgo play testing session)

cant wait to play this! :)

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Cool looking map! My first map I ever made was for cs 1.5, and was called cs_conduit: http://www.angelfire.com/ct3/jonmcs/cs_conduit.html


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