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Vigil is now Crytek USA


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This is a great story! Hats off to Cevat for pulling this.


On Friday, January 25, the day that Vigil Games was officially shuttered, studio head David Adams was told that Crytek CEO Cevat Yerli was flying in from Germany. "He came out the next day," said Adams told. "We met, and the day after we were pulling a new studio together called Crytek USA."
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It should be noted, as great as this is (it is absolutely fantastic for that team as well as the Austin development community, which has had its ass kicked the last few years), that this only helps about 30 of Vigil's employees (possibly about 200 total? I don't remember the full tally). Definitely keep an eye out for more ex-Vigil talent to snap up if you can :)

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