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Is it me or the contrasts in the lighting in general are too high ? 
Also, the atmosphere is quite strange sometimes, for example, at 10 am I can see very dark clouds with a day lighting which is sometimes a bit weird (example below). 
But hey, I'm already trapped in the game guys ;) 
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Our launch cinematic is up!

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Given it a few hours myself, playing it on normal since i never played Witcher 1 and 2 and I'm really enjoying it.


It's one of the most beautifully rendered games I've seen, the dialogs are engaging and interesting, the menus are easy enough to use given the game's complexity and the gameplay / combat is actually quite fun.


The camera does get in the way every now and again, I wish a little bit more work went into that but it's a minor inconvenience given the grand scale of the game.

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Is anyone else experiencing some frame-rate issues? Even though my FPS is good and steady I still seem to have frequent minor delays in game. I find it hard to explain but the way it moves feels off. Does that make any sense?


Other than that, it's living up to my high expectations :) 

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I play on the second hardest difficulty. Only played Witcher 2 for like 2 hours before that. It's a challenge but so far i've stayed ahead of the difficulty curve by just micro managing my gear and reading up on the monsters. Love how grim the game is. Found a little girl and her brothers whose parents have been killed. Gave them some money for food and the girl gave me her doll in return. Dem feels.

Also wow @ how big the game is. 8 hours in and i've seen only a tiny part of the map, level 4 and already have a contract that recommends level 33.

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Went ahead and bought this last night. Installed it on my home PC whilst I was at work so when I got home I could just load it straight up. What an age we live in :D


Anyway, found this game much easier to get into. I think I'm playing on normal and the combat feels good. Done a few side quests and having a lot of fun exploring the world and talking to everyone. Think I'll be able to sink a lot of hours into this :)

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