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Our launch cinematic is up!

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Have to wait for the ol bank balance to get this, but finished both the first and second Witcher games when they came out.


Witcher 2 has one of my favourite cinematic's of all time, with that nutjob Letho freezing the kings boat and wiping everyone out.


For me the Witcher games feel a bit more real, and more of a challenge. Some of the NPC's are kind of ridiculously dressed  :lol: , but they don't feel wooden like the people populated in Skyrim. Skyrim nailed its theme, and the music is a fantastic support to the atmosphere, but the danger of the dragons dwindles pretty quickly. For me that was the one thing that kept my attention, and when you can kill them in a few hits...gets kind of meh. 


The combat system is pretty tricky to get used too in Witcher I agree, but it has improved with each version of the game. 

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Another one to add to hypocrites that think this was the next coming, but isn't. 


I'm not trying to dis the game in anyway, I think it looks excellent even with the optimization downgrades. Gonna be picking it up when it comes out as well.

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