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Our launch cinematic is up!

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I have preordered this. The trailer and discount on steam convinced me. I so hope i can get into this unlike the first two. I will give Witcher 2 another chance beforehand in preparation after i had my GTA V PC fix.


gog.com ages ago did a fantastic pre-order deal where you could get cumulative discounts if you proved you owned the previous 2 games.


It's also cheaper to get W3+expansion pass separately (£35+£20) than it is to buy the bundle (£65, lolwut?)


Or should I just wait for the expansion :||||||||


hngggggggggg! wot do?

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Like Steppenwolf, gonna give this a shot, but never managed to get far in the other games. The open world of this has me interested. It must be really hard to try and make a single character in an RPG like this, just never been a fan of the main dude in the other games ... the world is so much bigger than this one character, seems a little limiting. Maybe I'm just too much a fan of Bioware games :P

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