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still it's not 599$ - this was launch price in US right ?

The high end PS3 US launch price, yes. Low end was $500.

This time, launch in the US with a starting price beginning with a 3 or 4 is perceived as what Sony needs to do, though $499 in this economy will definitely hurt compared to $399 or even $449. ...man i could talk for hours on this. I'm so curious exactly what they'll talk about tomorrow though I fear it will be mostly hardware specs related. Prove me wrong, Sony. Tell me about pricing, services, release date, exact launch lineup, etc. Cut the PS3 price either now or by E3 while your at it...just because.

Edit...damn you HP for beating me. Damn you to helllllll!

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honestly don't care that much as long as i'm not seeing SNES/n64 prices. I remember paying $120-130 for new N64-games before, and sometimes $100-120 for SNES games when they were new. nowadays you read some shitty comment on Kotaku where someone is whining at games priced at $60 because it "only" has 7 hours gameplay. i don't want to go back to selling sexual favors...

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Based on how they priced the Vita (which was pretty fair IMO) then I'd bet that they're gonna go for a bit more sane price point this time around, especially since the steep price tag in the early years of the PS3 probably hurt the early sales more than Sony expected. Doubt they're gonna be willing to take that chance again, even if they launch closer to the Xbox, but who knows if they're still totally out touch with what normal people are actually willing to pay for a console.

Can't wait for tomorrow, but I bet you're right Izuno; being pessemistic and expecting them to just talk specs and show a few CGI trailers wouldn't surprise me.

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Them just announcing their new cloud based service stuff for the PS3 and closing the show saying "Seeyaz at E3 folks!"

I almost wouldn't be surprised if it was something on that level, but then they've invited 1200 journalists and people from across the globe to NY, so I kinda doubt they'd do that unless it was an announcement in different league.

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Last minute thought before the announcement...

1) In the past Sony has made some noise about patents/tech etc. that would allow a PS3 disc to be associated to only one console, or theoretically one PS account.

2) Sony buys Gaikai, does nothing with it until...

3)...leaks emerge around Gaikai tech to be used on the PS4 to stream PS3 games to be Sony's "solution" for PS3 backwards compatibility on the PS4...

4) ...hence many gamers start to wonder if the PS3 games they already own will be playable on the PS4 via streaming tech if they somehow pay for the service. They conclude that Sony would be trying to get them to pay more for the games they already own. Silly, but such is how the minds of some on the Internet work. :tinfoil:

5) Now...suppose Sony isn't that misguided and instead combines the tech and allows you to (a) insert your PS3 disc into your PS4 and (b) PS4 then "attaches" that PS3 disc to your PS account and PS4 hardware and © you are then allowed to stream said PS3 game using Gaikai tech through said PS4 and (d) said PS3 disc can no longer be "attached" to another PS4 (or perhaps rendered unplayable playable on another PS3?) until you "dis-attach" said PS3 disc.

Omg...I'm totally tinfoiling now. :oops:

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5) would be awesome, but no way thats happening. Honestly then I think the rumours about them expanding PS Plus and doing a paid subscription model ala XBL makes sense if you get the Gaikai option. But who knows, it's probably gonna end up being the worst case, people having to buy the same PS3 games over again.

Oh and I was watching the first PS3 commercial, just for nostalgia :D

I gotta admit, I thought these were completely awful when the system launched, but looking at them now then they're actually kinda cool. Horrible to sell systems tho (at least to people that weren't going to get one already).

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While I don't doubt for a moment that today's announcement will be for the PS4, can you imagine how cripplingly disappointing it'd be if it turned out they're announcing something else and the hype simply got out of hand due to the Kotakus of the world? That'd pretty much sink the PS4 before it even launched. :oops:

Dude, that would suck monkey balls... lol. But I doubt that, why would they go ahead and create these videos then? https://us.playstati...om/meeting2013/ (History of the PS)

*Sorry, but you have posted more media files than you are allowed to :((

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Fixed the media limit
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