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Playstation 4


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I'm looking forward to what exciting gameplay developers bring to the controller touch screen.


I also prefer the Playstation layout but I guess the d-pad being in the "primary" position is at odds with most games using the analogue stick for everything now. I heard people, mainly those with chunkier hands, complain the nipple-tweaking of dual analogue inputs was harder on the PS3 due to how close the sticks were, so hopefully the wider controller will sort those guys out.

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still it's not 599$ - this was launch price in US right ?

499 and 599



From this article, it's good to look back and see the release price on these consoles. PS2 was released at 299$ back in 2001 and so did the PS1 at 299$ back in 1995. Damn, no wonder people were wowed by the 499$ price of the PS3, lol.

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