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Playstation Youtube channel has a bunch of low profile indie games trailers... I have a feeling Mapcore people coudn't care less about these titles, but I am so happy these people are finding a h

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IMO though there's very few (actually none) of those extra PS4 titles that I'd want, might be a case of quality vs quantity. In March the XB1 had 2 games released and the PS4 had 10, but I still look at that and wish one of those 2 XB1 titles had come to PS4. 

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Best things at Snoy's presser



I wanna play as a fuckin wolf yo, lalse


Are there any details about the gameplay available yet? When I watched the trailer I thought "Oh, cool, a game about being a wild animal...no wait, it's about being a caveman, cool...errr what's that skeleton doing over there? And that giant woman in the tree? Aaaand I have no idea what's going on."

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Yeah, details seem a bit vague but from what I gathered it's huge open world game where you're able to play a lot of different species. Hopefully there's also a multiplayer component to it.


I just love how different it is from what Michel Ancel has done so far, I mean, it doesn't look very French at all :v

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I'm sooooo fucking angry about prices that goes for PS4 games here in Poland (I have no idea how are the prices outside Poland). But I remember like all CEO's of whatever, were saying that the game prices won't change and it will be the same as it was for ps3 (50-60$/ ~200 Polish zł) and now ? I want to get Alien and Evil Within - each cost ~280 zł (~93$) This shit is crazy guys ! 
I know that production of a AAA title these days is way more expensive, but deymm, there is over 10 mln PS4's out there - that's more than ever in that first year. WTF !? 
As i see it, after cool non pirated PS3, we will get pirated PS4 veryyyyy soon! 

Rant off !

EDIT: I've checked on amazon and the Alien: Isolation is 59.95$ (~180zł) WTF Playstation POLAND WTF !? but anyways from now on i will get most of my games from amazon.

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