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Yeah, sell that KZ game lol


I played it for a couple of hours and started to worry that I had become retarded. I was stuck, didn't know what to do and the game made no effort in making things clear. I'm not talking about holding hands here but the most basic message (what am I supposed to do) didn't came across. So yesterday I had a LAN and about 7 different people played it. Every one of them said the same. Where am I supposed to go? How does this work? Etc. It's beautiful but such an unclear mess of a game. Anyone else experienced that? I'm talking SP only btw.


So now I have a new system but no game to show. I've put Killzone up for sale. I'm thinking Tomb Raider or AC4. Both games have decent reviews but neither really appeal that much to me. You guys are pro AC4. Is is still as repetitive as the first? Because I quit playing that after an hour. Anyone recommend Tomb Raider?



Also, make sure you get a PS+ sub if you don't have one yet! FREE GAMES every 2 or 3 weeks!


Then get Resogun! Such a fantastic game, one of those games that are easy to pick up and hard to master Also, there's don't starve, Outlast and others.

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Playstation Youtube channel has a bunch of low profile indie games trailers... I have a feeling Mapcore people coudn't care less about these titles, but I am so happy these people are finding a h

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Rumours of Sony's PS4 VR headset are popping up again. Though I love Oculus and most things they're doing right now (I mean they've got Carmack FFS), then this feels like it could be a much more viable way of getting the hardware where it needs to be (in other words, high res displays). Whether it's actually an intelligent business move is something entirely different, but if they've got cool software to back it up then it could potentially be huge for Playstation.

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They are raising the price 50$ in Canada :(


edit : I guess I can just go across the border and get one 

 Is this a particular shop? I have only seen them at 400 so far.



All of canada



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