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I like how they are integrating the move tech with the standard pad! Man, there's a lot of tech in that pad alone. Don't really like that prototype design tho, not sure about it, It's too chunky but it grows on you the more you stare at it, but I'm sure they're gonna redesign it a bit for the final thing. I guess we'll see in 6 days!

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I hope they've fixed R2/L2 on the new controller. That's my only complaint with the current PS3-controller. I don't mind it being a bit more chunky... (I liked the original xbox-controller too) :v

edit: just noticed there's like a microphone-thing at the middle as well? maybe you can yell fus-roh-dah into it and stuff?

edit 2: it's a speaker... hope it's not a shitty speaker like the pointless wii mote speaker

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The most compelling thing I see on that controller is the blue light on the top, which I suspect is a condensed version of this:


I don't know if anyone but me actually bothered to get a Move, but it was actually an excellent piece of hardware. Obviously a complete rip-off the Wii, but it did the pointing/motion thing a lot better than the Wii — it felt pretty much perfectly smooth and accurate, whereas the Wii just didn't feel reliable enough to use in shooters, etc.

During this generation two things have been experimented with: motion controls and pointers. I personally think the motion stuff is garbage and can't really think of a single experience I've had with it that I'd genuinely say was worth it. However, the ability to point (like with a mouse) when playing console games is awesome.

That opens the door to RTS and shooters that feel so much better to play, and could seriously unsettle the PC's dominance of those genres. If this were built into the standard controllers during the next generation, it'd no longer be the case that games like Battlefield and C&C feel like crap unless played on a PC. In some ways it'd turn the gamepad into a two-handed mouse, freeing up the sticks for other tasks.

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I've seen quite a few people criticising Sony for not moving the thumb stick to where the d-pad is. Why do people want this again, apart from the fact that it's the way the 360 does it? I don't know about you guys but I don't like the 360's left stick placement. I have to contort my hand in such a way where using the left triggers (especially LB) is a little bit uncomfortable if I'm pushing the stick in a direction at the same time. No such problem with the PS3.

If I just let my hands fall into their natural positions while wrapped around the pad, my thumbs align pretty much perfectly with the PS3's sticks. I've been using the PS3 and 360 pads a lot during the past six years and there's no doubt in my mind that Sony offers the better ergonomic experience.

They've not changed it much since the original dual analogue pad came out 16 years ago for good reason: it's great as it is. Sometimes people just want change for the sake of change. On the contrary, I love the fact that the PlayStation controllers have kept their original identity while being given iterative ergonomic improvements, it's a nice piece of heritage connecting the generations (both consoles and people). Although I am glad to see that they're returning to the concave sticks last seen in 1997:


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