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Development sources with working knowledge of both next generation consoles have told us that PlayStation 4 will be more powerful than the next Xbox, will ship with a redesigned controller and launch by the end of the year in Japan and the US. PlayStation 4’s European launch will follow in early 2014.

Sony is set to reveal its next PlayStation on Wednesday February 20th at an event dubbed ‘see the future’. Sony Computer Entertainment released a teaser video last night to announce the event. Below, our sources revealed what to expect from PlayStation 4.

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Yeah Sony has absolutely nailed this generation for me. I've had both a 360 and PS3 for most of it, but I think I must literally have gotten about 100 times the use out of the PS3 — and that's not including using it for music and TV/film, which I also do all the time. I think they've proven that even with a poor start, putting money into product quality and innovative games above all else is the way to go.

The only fall they've had has been the absolutely shit new store they implemented recently, but I hope that'll have a short life and be completely replaced for the PS4. I heard that was more for the Vita than anything, which would make sense as it feels like it was never even tested on a PS3.

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