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One of my first multiplayer games i played was Quake 2

maybe some of you still know the map q2dm1 The Edge, i played it for hours back in the days. I think it is/was one of the best multiplayer maps made. So when i heared HL2 dm was coming out, i thought to do a remake of this map for the source engine.

I never touched hammer map editor so this is my first map with it but i learn fast :).

I started this map from scratch (no decompilers).

I made a little website with some comparison screenshot from HL2 <-> Q2:


(little screens are clickable)

C&C welcome.

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I adored that map, great with 2 players or 16.

Looks like a decen recreation of it, personally speaking though, I'd like to see a bit more colour injected into it, which I realise is a bit tricksy with the HL2 texture set, but it is very, very grey at the moment. As von ferret said, lighting would also go a long way to making this look spiffy.

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Yeah, geometry looks fine, but white lighting should never be the sole lighting. I know Quake 2 was renowned for its browness, but still, you've lost some of the warmth that made The Edge pleasing on the eyes. Try making the main lighting subtle yellows and complimentary oranges, with small dashes of red for highlights, and then perhaps save whites and blues for entirely different areas where you want to promote a calmer feeling.

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Thanks for the reply's

I'm gonna check out the lightning but don't know if i'm gonna use normal lights or spot lights yet.

How says you can't use both?

i mean for the fluorescent lights, in lockdown sample map they used spot lights for that

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I'm curious how you're going to place the weapons. What will be in the railgun spot? or the machinegunspot (since you start with a machinegun already..)

Obviously the chaingun = pulse rifle..

What about the mega health..just gonna leave that nothing, or will you make a way to get up there and put something there?

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