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What have you read lately?

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Here's some stuff I've read/listened to recently that I enjoyed quite a bit, mostly sci-fi classics:     And slowly going through this monster of an audiobook (it's

@AlexM   Just finished Neuromancer, by far the hardest book I've ever read. Not per se as in difficult to understand but just hard in the way it is written, going through it takes a lot of time

I meant to post weeks ago, but I have finally finished IT. I bought it right away after the trailer of the new movie came out, and was my intention to read it before the movie was in cinemas

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The best C# language book there is by far. Intermediate level though. You definitely want to be very familiar with the language before starting it. 




What sort of knowledge does it provide?




It goes over all the major features introduced from C#2 to C#5 and explains how things are done at the language level and behind the scenes. I'd say that after reading it I know more of the implications of coding something a particular way. Also there's some stuff that was fairly new to me such as expression trees and the await async stuff introduced in c#5

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Less about how to be creative, more about how to create a sustainable work culture that allows creativity to flourish (and how to protect it). Explained through a portrayal of Pixar's (and to a certain extent: Disney Animation's) history.

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Sacrificial Architecture


Anyway, great story and characters. Still waiting for the movie :)

Some things are better not messed with ;)

Still in my list of books, which for a sci-fi junkie is a sin… but my OCD prevents me to read new books until I clear the pile I have unread.

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The makers of MTG write an ocean of text, providing insights on design and development of MTG cards. Lots of cool stories. I'm leaving mapping indefintely and jumping in a different form of design and creative process: card creation and storytelling.

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