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What have you read lately?


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Only at page 200 but I really like it :) There's some things that bug me though, for instance there always only seems to be one thing going on at the same time. (Guess that's good if you don't like complexity) And I wish they focused a bit more on the interesting backstory and some other world-stuff. Other than that I really like it, I loose track of time when reading but eventually I really need a break so the pacing could be a tad bit higher. Still 400 pages to go so that might come :P

I should read more fantasy and sci-fi ermahgerd I've been missing out.

Its a really awesome series I think. I love Brandon Sandersons writing. He never writes so complex as George RR Martin (Game of Thrones), but he makes up for it with super interesting magic-abilities and plot twists.

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And finished it (Mistborn: The Final Empire). Very good read! :) The start was a bit slow and here and there there's some slow chapters (can't make my mind up if I would've liked the book more if the whole thing had a higher pace but whatever), in the end... I really liked it and that's what matters :)

Gonna go to the store to grab book 2 soon!

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Was not an easy read, but interesting nonetheless.

i have this book, still need to read it.

after finishing my quest of attempting to find bruce chatwin's "in patagonia", i'm currently reading it.

i'm also reading antimatter, which gives a good insight into antimatter, what the universe is, and how physics work on a a deeper level. fairly easy read.


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I'm currently reading the memoirs of jean de joinville written by the guy himself in 1309;

Jean de Joinville was the son of a noble family of Champagne who left his family to join the king of France Louis IX and the christian knights onto the seventh crusade and to who he became later confident and counsellor.

The text is meant to be dedicated to the son of Louis IX on the life of his father, where de Joinville clearly write down to earth what was happening during the crusades and after. He is basically a witness of his time as a fighting man during the crusade;

This is pretty amazing to read because it forces you into a century/culture that isn't ours anymore with people with different psyche and way to see the world.. it's amazing to take a step back and get a "new" look on our own time; worth many many sci fi books to me :)

Some glimpses :

A blow from one of the enemy’s swords landed in the middle of Erard de Sevirey’s face, cutting through his nose so that it was left dangling over his lips. At that moment the thought of Saint James came into my mind, and I prayed to him: ‘Good Saint James, come to my help, and save us in our great need.’ Just as I had uttered this prayer Erard de Sevirey said to me: ‘My lord, if you think that neither I nor my heirs will incur reproach for it, I will go and fetch you help from the Comte d’Anjou, whom I see in the fields over there.’ I said to him, ‘My dear man, it seems to me you would win great honour for yourself if you went for help to save our lives; your own, by the way, is also in great danger.’ (I spoke truly, for he died of his wound).

"King Louis also spoke to me of a great assembly of clergy and Jews which had taken place at the monastery of Cluny. There was a poor knight there at the time to whom the abbot had often given bread for the love of God. This knight asked the abbot if he could speak first, and his request was granted, though somewhat grudgingly. So he rose to his feet, and leaning on his crutch, asked to have the most important and most learned rabbi among the Jews brought before Him. As soon as the Jew had come, the knight asked him a question. “May I know, sir,” he said, “if you believe that the Virgin Mary, who bore our Lord in her body and cradled Him in her arms, was a virgin at the time of His birth, and is in truth the Mother of God?”

The Jew replied that he had no belief in any of those things. Thereupon the knight told the Jew that he acted like a fool when – neither believing in the Virgin, nor loving her – he had set foot in that monastery which was her house. “And by heaven” exclaimed the knight, “I’ll make you pay for it” So he lifted his crutch and struck the Jew such a blow with it near the ear that he knocked him down. Then all the Jews took to flight, and carried their sorely wounded rabbi away with them. Thus the conference ended.

The abbot went up to the knight and told him he had acted most unwisely. The knight retorted that the abbot had been guilty of even greater folly in calling people together for such a conference, because there were many good Christians there who, before the discussion ended, would have gone away with doubts about their own religion through not fully understanding the Jews. “So I tell you,” said the king, “that no one, unless he is an expert theologian, should venture to argue with these people. But a layman, whenever he hears the Christian religion abused, should not attempt to defend its tenets, except with his sword, and that he should thrust into the scoundrel’s belly, and as far as it will enter.”

I'm forcing myself to read the original text in old medieval french, it's hard but i'm finding it so much instructive.

I've found an ebook version of the text translated into english, if you guys are courageous enough :D give it a try, it's worth reading :


and in old french if you want to read it :D


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Steve Jobs


finished yesterday. I think it's a must especially for everyone working with computers, i found thrilling especially the early years when Apple came to life, because the author did well to paint a broader picture of the California tech boom.


Just started "El Palestino", by a guy who infiltrated a Spanish Arab terrorist cell for 6 years(!).

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Haruki Murakami - Underground


A bunch of short 2-12 pagers. Each one a personal account of the Tokyo gas attacks by the cult Aum. 




Bjarne Stroustroup - The Design and Evolution of C++


A historical perspective on how the C++ language was designed, what was dropped from the spec and why certain things are the way they are. 


Apparently they used to have post-ctor init methods and pre-dtor cleanup methods. I implement those a lot myself. would have been great if they were a language feature. 





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Was not an easy read, but interesting nonetheless.


This is an awesome book. Pretty approachable too.






Most challenging books I have ever read in my life. I just finished reading them and I feel like I want to reread them again.

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