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What have you read lately?


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There doesn't seem to be a topic about reading books while I know a lot of you like to read. If it somehow didn't show up in the search then feel free to delete this post.

Anyway, I just finished this:


I found it very interesting. It's was enjoyable to read and it has lots of background information. Besides, he's a funny guy. There's some real comedy in there. I especially like the chapter when he's in the army. I recommend it!

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Just finished the 14th and final book of the Wheel of Time series.


The book was over 900 pages of pure awesomeness. So much happened in this final book that the ending left little to be desired. :) I am extremely happy with the job Brandon Sanderson did on this series after Robert Jordans death.

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I'm nearly up to date with The Walking Dead comics now. 100x better than the TV show.

Spoiler for volume 17... Do not read unless you're pretty much up to date!

Holy shit, I can't believe how Glenn dies. Negan smashing his head in with the barbed wire baseball bat is absolutely brutal.. Seeing his eye pop out and him screaming for Maggie was mortifying... Can't wait to see what happens next. Rick seems to be scared for once.

Here's the double page spread.............



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Neil Gaiman's The Sandman, The Doll's House


Original cover (?).


The same comic, but with the actual cover that I had at my hands.

I always got curious about reading The Sandman and I got really excited when I went to some bookstores and saw the whole set of comics. But, I never read any of its volumes. Not until x-mas!

I met an architect (who coincidentally has a son who works as game character artist for 8 years in greater LA area) and he lent me The Doll's House. Amazing reading.

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I'm nearly up to date with The Walking Dead comics now. 100x better than the TV show.


I am now completely up to date with the comic... and holy shit it's good but it's GRUESOME as FUCK. "Well it's just a comic Puddy, what could possible be that bad?" Fuck you, that's what! Don't believe me? Read this shit!!! It's good!


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The book is about a North-Korean that was sent to the work camps and subsequently (well, ...10 years later) escaped. These work camps are easily on par with the camps seen in Holocaust, if not even worse in some aspects. The suffering in this country is unmatched by anything I've heard of before. Makes you wonder whether there should be a military intervention against North-Korea.


I've never read a more comprehensive case against the prohibition of drugs. If you read this and you somehow still have it in your mind that the current system is working; you must be in denial. We already live in a time where people can easily buy drugs anonymously outside of any (feasibly) traceable channels and in some years we're likely to be able to print drugs without anyone knowing. It will be interesting to see whether politicians will try to fight this with more surveillance or perhaps come to their senses.

I'll be reading this next; Pale Blue Dot :)

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Only at page 200 but I really like it :) There's some things that bug me though, for instance there always only seems to be one thing going on at the same time. (Guess that's good if you don't like complexity) And I wish they focused a bit more on the interesting backstory and some other world-stuff. Other than that I really like it, I loose track of time when reading but eventually I really need a break so the pacing could be a tad bit higher. Still 400 pages to go so that might come :P

I should read more fantasy and sci-fi ermahgerd I've been missing out.

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