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Cyberpunk 2077

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@blackdogIt's the voice actor of Geralt from the Witcher 3 doing a voice sort of similar to Geralt but different enough so that fans don't make theories. Though some still did. The fact its Geralt's voice actor also leads me to believe that it is natural.

Edit: I believe the name of the guy is Doug Cockle

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Cool @DMU222, but I think we were just commenting on the over-dramatic tone rather than any theory.

Which I think seems out of place, the video is made by Sony that has nothing to do with the project.

On the other hand the actor could be involved, think how Remedy has recycled actors.

Also actors don’t always talk with their natural voice, they have to add emphasis on certain aspects depending on roles ;)

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1 hour ago, FMPONE said:

Keanu! The man is killing the game lately, action, comedies, and now games, his agent needs a raise. 

Still way behind The Rock :D I’m under the impression these stars are trying to squeeze as much work as they can given their age

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