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OMG gys, Im sorry for not being here for you Some one asked how we are doing? well not bad  srsly, kinda still a lot of work, tho @Minos for taging me so I could jump in here Im super happy y

Sorry, I'm not here very often Just came back from Africa and my time off, after E3 madness Super Happy you guys are liking what you see. It was a super buys time, but I'm glad it turned out

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8 hours ago, blackdog said:

It's so childish you wonder if is real.

I would like to see any journo dare publishing confidential documents like this btw, should be a career ending stunt, as well as prosecutable(?).

*In before Jason Schreir drops a bombshell that will rock the games industry to the core!!*

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4 hours ago, Buddy said:

So did this leak thing go anywhere?

It has been sold for “millions” apparently

Thought that Gwent was a failure, not sure why anyone would want to pay more than a thousand dineros for it.

Anyone knows if you can retrace the presence of proprietary code in shipped products?

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