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Cyberpunk 2077


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9 hours ago, Zarsky said:




Apologies and refunds available.

I think it’s obvious they should have delayed it yet again. They were also perhaps a victim of having to ship for last gen consoles.

Gamers would have absolutely pissed their pants for more delays, but all in all it seems clear in hindsight that another 6-7 months could have made all the difference. This is a moment the entire industry can learn from, it doesn’t matter how angry people get, delay delay delay until it’s ready. Delay as long as it fucking takes. Zero chance they didn’t think it would have serious bugs on launch.

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7 minutes ago, blackdog said:

It's easiery to ask for forgiveness [than ask permission].

I don’t think this is a situation where you can ask either permission or forgiveness. You won’t be forgiven, and the public doesn’t grant your permission. This is a question of whether you have the guts to say no to the public, when they have already been fairly patient. They would have entered meme territory by adding additional delay, but it would have been worth it. Now it will be difficult to say the game delivered on its potential, and there is no going back on that.

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Now that I've finished it, I don't even know what to say. It was one hell of a journey. Definitely had me hooked after it started to pick up the pace. And the characters are quite likeable. But the fucking endings.. kinda gut me. 

There's some things I couldn't care less for, like crafting and the amount of skills. Some players might appreciate the depth of customisation, but I would have preferred something more streamlined. I mean, that's my general opinion on it. This could have been a great linear game with semi-open areas and some light customisation, something similar to Dishonored for instance. Don't get me wrong, the world is beautiful and a spectacle to look at, but they clearly overstretched themselves. 

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