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1 hour ago, marks said:

Quick, everyone act surprised.

Well after all the talk done on the subject in the last two years, after promising not to enforce such policy, it’s something that needs a spotlight on.

But who cares, they got their preorders based on these very responsible stances they had until now.

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OMG gys, Im sorry for not being here for you Some one asked how we are doing? well not bad  srsly, kinda still a lot of work, tho @Minos for taging me so I could jump in here Im super happy y

Sorry, I'm not here very often Just came back from Africa and my time off, after E3 madness Super Happy you guys are liking what you see. It was a super buys time, but I'm glad it turned out

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5 minutes ago, FMPONE said:

Part of me really wants to play this on my tv so I can savor it and enjoy it. Part of me knows I'll be taking a massive trove of screenshots...

I have a 8 meter HDMI cable plugged from my PC to my TV. The XBox One controller has a great range on it too, so it works great for me, specially with Xbox game pass now... 👌

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I use my Steam Link quite often over LAN too. I notice a tiny bit of latency when playing Fall Guys and some other games can get a bit pixelated when a lots going on on screen but for the most part every game is playable.

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