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Wasteland 2


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Some of you might have played the original Wasteland way back in 1988. I didn't. But still, I'm a backer of this project since it's the granddaddy of some of my favorite games. Namely Fallout 1, 2 and Tactics. It's not everyday that they make a top down post nuclear role playing game. But thanks to Kickstarter, it will happen.

I'm posting this here for two reasons:

Every gamer who likes old school RPG's, a post nuclear setting, squad based combat and lots of freedom should take a look at Wasteland 2's Vision document. If you don't like reading, here's a very early WIP shot:


You can get early access to the beta by backing the project. More about that here. For news, visit the blog. To discuss the game, check out the forum.

The second reason is making money or getting experience as a designer. This is of course a design community and it's interesting to know that inXile is partnering with Unity in a Crowdsourced Experiment. You have a chance to make the requested 3D models and sell them. Even if you don't manage to sell them, it's still a valuable lesson and you can always try to sell it in the Unity store. More about this here.

I'll keep this thread updated and hopefully it will be of interest to you all.

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