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[Piñata] Student Unity project

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Hi Mapcore ! :)

Let me introduce ourselves : We are a small team of 3 students working on a Unity game with pinatas. We have a programer in charge of evrything really technical / AI , a character artist / animator and me as environment arist / level designer.

The game type is some sort of Hack and slash with a lot of pets. The main character have few upgradables attacks and can create 3 types of pets : A tanker wich can taunt the ennemy , a damage dealer wich is fragile and a healer. There is going to be some differents kind of ennemies too with specific roles.

For the feeling of the game we would like to get a contrast with a cartoony ambiance on one side and something gore/violent on the other.

Here is the early first concept art ( wich is a bit too much cartoony because i'm too bad to do a real lighting in 2D :v ) and an in game screenshot from the camera view :



At the time i'm creating this thread we are at 1 month of production , so it's far to be finished yet but i would be pleased to get some critics during all the process. :P

Note : The UI is not definitive and we also have only one character at the moment , so we use it for all of them. The gameplay is far from what it should be too , the base mechanics are done but it still need to be balanced. The attacks arn't really implemented either.

Here is the link to the Unity player : http://dl.dropbox.co...812/Public.html

If you run lower than the 50 fps normally setted for the web player , could you write here or by PM your computer specs ?

I'm going to keep an eye here on the replies so feel free to give any critics and comments , it would really help us to have an external view on that project.

EDIT : here the first concepts for the assets


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Ok, so i gave it a go, and:

i know this is early stage, the env art looks sweet ! ;)

animation of the bear looks good,

where i can check how many fps i've got becouse i'm sure i had smth around 30 :v

i just don't get the setting of the game, it is very colorful, nice and calm, why the hell there are animals fights ? :cool:

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Hey guyz ! Good luck with your project =) As I said to one of your teammate, I think that your project has great chance to be concretized in time. Can't wait to see more o/

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The FPS are in the upper right corner


I'm not really sure as you about that , it's going to be tight on time.


The turbo fart jump is not a definitive feature :lol:

Concerning the real time lighting on the bear , the custom shader still need to be finished.

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It's looking good!

I can predict that the bear is going to have a nicely animated fur. Is that right?

Just remember to compile the web version without the context menu, because this way we would be able to do the Fire Fart Attack in a cleaner way ;D

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