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Another Humble Bundle!


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The indie dev scene really bothers me. I went to the Indiecade party at E3 last year. It was at some couples house... so fucking hipster it made me sick. I went there carrying a case of Natty Light, because PBR was too mainstream. Granted, i had some great talks with some dev guys there... but you know, if you mentioned you were a AAA dev you'd get shunned.

Eventually the cops got called, so the party was broken up. It was lol.

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yeah, for me it's the main reason i find it hard to have any respect for some indie devs. granted, not all devs are like this, and many are more or less regular people, but where i'm living currently there seems to be this hipster wave just washing over the land. people apparently seem to enjoy the attitude of making small shitty games that nobody wants to play while getting press from kill screen magazine.

i really hope that there'll be a rebellion against this hipster counter culture at some point, the attitude is like an identity crisis. or maybe indie games will just become mainstream enough for hipsters to back out... how beautiful that would be.

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I think i'm buying it and giving most of the money to Snapshot that intrigues me. OSTs are intersting.

About "Indie Game", I enjoyed that movie, like, it's always intersting the "behind the scenes". Then yeah, you cannot listen to most of these guys when they talk about business. I can feel empathy with McMillen (Meat Boy designer) but I cannot stand phrases like Tommy's (the programmer) "[speaking of COD] I don't care because those games are shit!"... are you really so self-absorbed to think that who plays Meat Boy doesn't play AAA titles? :?

I participated in the Global Game Jam in 2011 and it was really annoying to overhear a few comments that my team's game won the jury award because there were MS PRs in there and we employed XNA. Also annoying and shortsghted when months later we attended another event were investors were invited, willingly to spend their money if they saw something of their liking... and then a douche takes the stage for his pitch and starts pissing in their mouths saying "i'm an indie i'm not hear for the money", like if we are dirt that we wanted to try launching a startup and begin to build something in this video game developers deserted land that Italy is.

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Welp. I think I already own two copies of some of these games and Child’s Play, although a worthwhile charity I have given money (and a Gamecube) to multiple times, is predominately aimed towards the US with a few exceptions. I think I will have to pass this time.

Indie Game The Movie was terrible but Team Meat were easily the most tolerable part for their actual passion.

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A new Origin Humble Bundle is live, with a selection of games from EA




Most of them also available for Steam so pretty sweet.


I'm gonna get it for Dead Space 2 alone for sure. And there's Generals as well (pity only Origin, but that's not on Steam anyway :( ). Also never played the Breakthrough campaign of MOH at the time.

Think I'll just wait to see what else they'll add, if it's worth paying more than average.

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      Two new asset releases!

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      Second one is assets I've made for Pitstop. A small release that includes some road and concrete trim textures, a bunch of sponsors and some skybox buildings that might be useful.


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