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de_ali (working name)

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IMO, the pink itself should be the selling point, not differentiation of the "look" from the other maps, because that's not a good approach. The other maps have flattering lighting

You're absolutely right on both accounts! And I very much like "bright and happy" maps btw :)

Thanks for the comments all!

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Decided to not go with the 'new' environment lighting, since I cannot find a decent skybox that actually works to go with it. I did find some nice HDR skyboxes (right here, by Firegod522) and I picked one of those.

I've been detailing the map some more. Mainly the ground/streets (since I've been pushing that off for quite some time), blocking of the balcony in a prettier way than the temporary fences, and other things.

I also have a question, is it possible to have displacements not block light? I can't seem to find anything about that anywhere.




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Needed a break from this map and I've been working on something else in the meantime, but I finally got back to getting some work done on de_ali :)

The biggest change is that I've been playing around with environment lighting a bit. About every official csgo map (and probably because of that a lot of custom maps as well) have this rather "bright and happy" environment lighting. I went and tried a different approach for this map. Personally, I think I kinda like it, taking into consideration the lighting is not fully optimized yet (it's a bit dark still and perhaps to pink as well) and it offers me a lot more possibilities regarding non-environmental lighting (dawn/sunset makes for a good oppurtinity to use lanterns/spots/whatever ... light sources).

Anyway, I'd like some feedback on this :)

Here are a few comparison shots:



I actually think it's really nice, but you could tweak it a little more to be correct:


A twilight, dawn, dusk approach would be really interesting if pulled off right (http://www.cambridgeincolour.com/tutorials/natural-light-photography.htm)

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The problem is I can't find a decent skybox to go with it. The one in the picture was a placeholder (it has seams at the edges, but you can't see it in the picture). If anyone knows a place where you can download nice (HDR) skyboxes let me know :)

That is an interesting link however. Thanks for sharing!

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Thanks, Minos! :)

I again spent some time searching the web for skies (oddly enough, the pink one disappeared from my HD and I haven't found it on the web again so far).

This one is good quality and somewhat leans towards the pink one (actually halfway between the bright blue and the pink dusk one). I kinda like how the lighting gives the map a mixture of warm (sunlight) and cold (shadows).

I'm also in the process of rebuilding each building in the map, as you can hopefully notice :)



Extreme improvements

One criticism: your scenes are still very "noisy"

I would recommend really restricting yourself and trying to exercise restraint to get smooth, clear surfaces. Not because thats just better, but because it looks better in CS:GO source (a lot of this relates to using clearer textures)

Edited by FMPONE

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This was posted in the topic, but I'll continue this here.


I think this was a fun map but it had some basic problems. Every single texture in the map seems ill suited for the map, not that htey are bad textures or the map isn't pretty, but it's got contrast overload to a crazy degree. You know those boring plain one color textures? this map needs to be using those to great effect. I think it should be white/yellow themed with yellow light.

Speaking of light your pitch is way, way off. Right now its nearly horizontal, which results in almost the entire map being pitched in darkness. That's a sure way to confuse people and it isn't flattering for the visuals. Put it at about -67, instead of where it's at now, probably -15 or -20 I want to guess, if even. That's just too low. The ground textures also suffered from the contrast problem.

Not to sound harsh, but your texturing on this one is just way off. I'd start from scratch with readability in mind. Readability is like when you have an action figure in front of a plain white sheet of paper. Right now you've got your action figure in a dark muddy soup of contrast, and it's harsh and tough to see people. The fog also begins too early. I'd additionally say that the balcony, while fun, is an obvious cut, but you already know that.

This is a fun map with just obvious glaring issues that are really simple to fix, but crucial to fix if you want people to have a pleasant experience. Also boost the brightness on the map, it should be happier. Right now its a little gloomy.

I really agree with most these sentiments. The first thing I thought when I loaded into this map was, "How come there is a brick wall texture being used as a floor texture?" FMP is spot on pointing to too much environmental contrast. Due to the strong texture contrast the readability of the map is reduced, and just the overall aesthetic design suffers.

I'm not entirely sold on turning this into a brighter/daytime map. I do like the attempt at bringing a nighttime environment into CS:GO -- Virtually every map is bright and sunny, even Aztec with rain falling down. But what you've got right now isn't working and you'll need to keep at it to get it looking right.

First of all, thanks for your feedback :)

With too much textures contrast, do you mean it's generally too dark (also due to the low sunlight pitch) and that I use too much different (and rather noisy and dark) textures in a scene?

You know those boring plain one color textures? this map needs to be using those to great effect. I think it should be white/yellow themed with yellow light.

I don't want it to look like a copy of cs_italy too much.

So what about this? I quickly slapped a few other textures on some of the buildings, please don't mind the quality of the textures and the color palette in the scenes. It's just for getting the idea across.

Also upped the brightness a bit, changed the sunlight pitch, used different ground textures and put the fog a little further. But that's not really what the pictures are about.



Some reference pictures to help explain what I mean:




This one is probably the best example, the other are kinda strong.


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