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Considering they made Halo I don't have much confidence in this having decent gameplay.

this game is not my destiny 

Dude it's my tragic carpentry accident, i just have 2 fingers left on each hand. Makes it hard to rocket jump with a gamepad. Otherwise damn yeah i would have enjoyed it. Still looking super nice thou


The statement "It was basically fight a bunch of guys to get to the next checkpoint." doesn't make much sense. This is what the vast majority of FPSs are about, and most of them work quite well despite it. You could easily take the same statement with any other genre. The difference is, when you compare Halo to most other shooter-campaigns, is that you're given a lot more freedom in the level design. If you play the same checkpoint over and over it wouldn't get boring because of; intelligent enemies, diverse game elements (banshees, tanks, ghosts, variety of weapons) and most importantly the open-ended approach to it. When you replay levels you're unlikely to get very similar playthroughs (unlike other FPSs), or you're at least not restricted by having to play them the same way. Halo allows for a lot more creativity than most shooters. This was even more fun with co-op and vehicles. I agree, though, that some levels like Library and Cortana were absolute shit.

Just because the vast majority of FPS'es employ this technique doesn't necessarily mean it's a great design technique. I don't particularly like the fact COD etc does this either. In fact I really only play COD for the multiplayer.

Compare it to something like doom where you have a more environment littered with secrets and variable paths through the level. That's what I like. Sure you could argue the keys cause the wide design to have some linearity, but not to the extreme that halo does.

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I wasn't making an appeal to popularity argument... My opinion was first and foremost that it can work. I'm not saying this is in any way optimal design, I'm saying that Halo is, in comparison to the standard of FPS, one of the better ones.

The combat in Halo was mixed with enough variation with vehicle-driven levels, stimulating pace (pure sniping/stealth parts to the diametrically opposite) and game elements (not to mention you could do this co-op). I didn't experience any combat fatigue at all with this game. If it was like

for 7 hours I would definitely experience combat fatigue.

Compare it to something like doom where you have a more environment littered with secrets and variable paths through the level. That's what I like.

that's exactly what you have. you do have variable paths in terms of how to solve the level by combat ("sandbox-based" combat). see my point about replayability

in e.g. halo, you don't have that option, because ultimately the weapons all behave the same, minus some very slight damage changes and encounter weapons being a bit more powerful. the game depth is flat, the new weaponry you achieve differs very little throughout the game, and that as a stand alone core mechanic just won't work.

(e.g.) Brute shot, gravity hammer, needler, carbine+sniper, spike/plasma grenades and 5 different vehicles. These do not behave the same and are differentiated between a lot more than "slight damage changes". When you play on a higher difficulty level you do appreciate the different applications of each weapon.

I think it's weird how you're so easily accepting DMCs arsenal as a puzzle element, but you're unable to see the same for Halo's broad combat-options and level design... I mean, DMC is all about fighting a bunch of guys to get to the next checkpoint. :)

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