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I just realized this. There are two expansions planned for The Witcher 3. Which should equal The Witcher 2 in length for the bargain price of 25 euros. That's less than the amount that Bungie/Activision is charging for Destiny's first two expansions. Which both feature a couple of maps, skins and dance animations. Fucking capitalism.

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Considering they made Halo I don't have much confidence in this having decent gameplay.

this game is not my destiny 

Dude it's my tragic carpentry accident, i just have 2 fingers left on each hand. Makes it hard to rocket jump with a gamepad. Otherwise damn yeah i would have enjoyed it. Still looking super nice thou

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I bought Destiny The Collection. I'm having a lot of fun right now with a couple of friends.Looking forward the Rise of Iron raid. However,  I really dislike how Bungie manage their old content. There's no incentives to play older Raids or missions because they didn't scale the difficulty|rewards|previous gear.

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