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Considering they made Halo I don't have much confidence in this having decent gameplay.

this game is not my destiny 

Dude it's my tragic carpentry accident, i just have 2 fingers left on each hand. Makes it hard to rocket jump with a gamepad. Otherwise damn yeah i would have enjoyed it. Still looking super nice thou

MMO's, the good ones are not about that at all though, the grind is a slight inconvenience for playing a fun game with lots of like minded people. Going on an adventure together and playing for HOURS for the slight chance of getting something cool.


Like in Everquest, where they have insane quests that require you to travel to just about everywhere in the game and slay dragons, you get some pretty ok loot but the adventure is a blast, takes about a day to do it.


They also have world traveler quest, where you have to go to like 50 landmarks - I know it doesn't sound fun, but it is, Obviously you have to know where your going, how to avoid the bad guys that are prob higher level than you and all keep together ha.


Of course, it was the "raid" and grouping content that made me care the most in Everquest, shit was realllllllyyy tough, one mistake and shit hit the fan. So far, I've not seen any challenging content in Destiny - not challenging like, 5 months, twice a week, with 24 players hand picked, trying to kill a single dragon. Having to go through 3 hours of content to even get to it - which was a challenge in its own right. Sure, this will not get you 12 million hardcore subscribers - but perhaps, just perhaps the genre was never at it's strongest attempting to please everyone. The exception to the rule (yes you WoW) should not be the game to try and copy, and time has shown this.


MMO's IMO just lost their balls, they focus waaaay to much on solo play now - for my liking anyway., my beef with SP focus in an MMO is it's usually boring and sub par compared to a tailored SP game.

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Played a couple of strikes with friends last night. The whole "Let me open this door, while you fight of these waves" is really overused and I'm getting tired of it very fast. Combined with my complaint since the alpha about the bosses taking 20 minutes of pumping bullets in them before they go down is causing me to want to play this less and less. 

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Haven't played but this seems pretty accurate right?


ROFL, heres their other





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I know that people from here worked hard on this but I have to be honest and keep it real. I was all over this, I promoted it heavily by posting updates of new videos in this thread and I of course got it on day one. My initial reaction was very positive and I praised the gun play and excellent visuals. Convinced several friends to get it (one of them even bought a PS4 for this) and I defended the game when people criticized it. Sure, I had some minor criticism myself but nothing that kept me from wanting to play more and more.


However, after having played 20 hours or so, the original appeal has completely faded for me. More and more things started to bother me and the more you play the more some glaring issues become really apparent.This game is wrapped up nicely but it's hollow inside. Practically every mission follows the exact same pattern. You revisit locations again and again. Fight of some enemies, fight of waves while doors get opened or computers get hacked and then spend 20 minutes pumping a gazillion bullets into a boss. Story missions, strikes, raids, it's all basically the same. Speaking of a story, where is it? Playing with friends helps a bit but it doesn't change the constant grinding. Loot isn't really special, the same for leveling and multi player is fun for a couple of rounds but that's it. Also for a shared world shooter there's really not much interaction with other players other then waving to one another. 


None of it makes sense either. It feels like they set out trying to create a cinematic experience but somewhere a long the way those ideas got cut. Perhaps for future DLC. Because honestly, a lot feels stripped due to things making absolutely no sense whatsoever. It's just a bunch of random encounters you fight through without any real sense of place or overall story. I'm not even max level and I'm already completely disillusioned by this. It's like meeting this really pretty girl. You start talking, you hit it off everything is going great and you setup a date. A couple of dates in and your thinking this is it and you're thankful for finding her. But as the relationship evolves you realize she's got not much else to offer besides her looks. You can't have a real conversation, she doesn't have any depth, she's shallow and before long you start finding excuses to cancel dates ultimately leading to you setting out for greener pastures. 


Seriously considering selling this to get some of my money back.

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That's what I thought it sounded like before release... Glad I never bought it :/ Just looks like a boring version of Borderlands, as harsh as that sounds.

I feel the same, haven't even managed to put 10h in. Yet it will sell more than every game we've worked on combined...oh well Edited by dkm
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I'm so torn by this. I want to really love it and get lost in it.  But I just can't.  I'm wanting some real meat additional content for this, but having already paid $60 for the game I don't see myself risking more money for more of the same.  I really like the Bungie folks and I know they worked very hard on polishing this thing but...well, Sprony basically said what I was thinking.


tl;dr: what Sprony said.

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I see Destiny is struggling a bit like Diablo 3 in terms of end game. Destiny's only raid "Vault of the Glass, 6players" is interesting but Bungie needs to make more of them. With that said, you can't judge a game like this without even having reached max level though. Like Diablo, once you reach max level, this is where it gets interesting. Give it a couple of months and I'm sure folks at Bungie will give people more stuff to do. Hell, Diablo 3 got praised in 2012 although we all know it was completely flawed (and still is to a lesser extent )




My roommate plays evey day, is level 30 and is enjoying the game a lot with his clanmates with team chat.  I played a few hours myself as well. PvP is really fun! The vehicles are also a blast to drive with.

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