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well at least its not bullshot faked shizzle, most games are pretty boring min to min if viewed in such a manner. 


can you imagine 5 mins of skyrim footage, walking through the forests and picking flowers, doesn't mean the game will suck. 

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Considering they made Halo I don't have much confidence in this having decent gameplay.

this game is not my destiny 

Dude it's my tragic carpentry accident, i just have 2 fingers left on each hand. Makes it hard to rocket jump with a gamepad. Otherwise damn yeah i would have enjoyed it. Still looking super nice thou

It does look nice, but why are the clouds moving in different directions?


I've seen clouds move in different directions in real life, but they were clearly at *much* different heights. These don't look that far apart. Looks weird.


Still, very pretty!

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If anyone wants to try the PS4 alpha, I've got a big ol' pile of North American codes + a handful of european codes. Drop me a PM! Servers are live through Sunday.


Gah! I have read this both here and your facebook before and it took until now for me to realize that I have a bloody PS4. I'm not used to being a console-owner. :D

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I played most of the day yesterday and pretty much did everything the alpha has to offer. I tried all 3 classes, but brought the Warlock class to the max level the alpha allows ( 8) and upgraded him pretty far within the tree line. It wasn't quite like the E3 stage demo sadly but overall I enjoyed the game quite a bit and think I will be pre-ordering it. 


Similar to the Elder Scrolls Online, it took me around 3-4 hours before things started to flesh out. In regards to Destiny, there ins't much of an intro in the alpha so it can be a bit jarring but once you start figuring out how it all works, and unlocking your class/ gear abilities, things become a lot more interesting. I think my biggest complaint would be Fireteam (group) size. You can group with 6 players but if you want to do any alpha pve content, only 3 were allowed. However I still enjoyed the Devils Lair, especially for its difficulty. 

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