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DM-Warren: TF2 Style Map in Unity 3D

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Hi all!

DM-Warren is my attempt at getting back into mapping, since I used to do quite a bit with TF2 and UDK before Unity...have always missed the simple joy of making maps- especially for multiplayer "arena" use!

DM-Warren is meant to be a fast, frantic, "warren" of FPS ker-blamming. Every area has multiple entrances and exits, but plenty of nooks and crannies for clever players to ambush from. An outer "donut track" provides entertainment for Run 'n Gun enthusiasts, while the central "Courtyard" encourages free-for-all boom-fests.


Thanks for looking, lots of updates to come!


Progress Snapshot #2 (11-11-12, 4:00am)


Webplayer: http://www.sixbysevenstudio.com/probuilder/DM-Warren_Web/

Time Spent So Far: ~14 hours

Progress Snapshot #1 (11-8-12, 1:20am)


Time Spent So Far: ~8 hours

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