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Oculus Rift

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After trying rift & PS VR, I still prefer the experience of PS VR, the price tag of the rift is a little high but I was expecting that, the fact that I would need to upgrade my hardware does not justify it though, PS VR will work with my PS4 and will be more aimed at mass market pockets so it's a more logical choice if I was to buy in this year.

I'm still holding out for the Vive though, missed my chance to try it out last year so I'm eager to demo it this year at some relative conference.

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It is bad communication at their end, as they knew that the ballpark price range was going to be around this point for quite a while, I will say that. But considering all the stuff bundled and the fact that it is indeed being sold at max revenue of "at cost" it is not that bad. You spend upwards of 1000USD/EUR for your tv alone (or similar price of a rift for a high refresh rate monitor) and the Rift is so much more and can potentially do so much more. But yeah it will sadly be for enthusiasts for the very near future. it seems Oculus is banking a lot on good reviews and word of mouth to get their sales up, as the preorders do not lock you in to buying a unit.

I would be very surprised if PSVR will be hacked to work with PC AND give out anywhere near decent experience let alone a good one. I have a pair of PS Move controllers on my desk and still have not been successful at pairing them with my PC even though they have been around for ages. But yeah chances are your buy in price will be ~500USD/EUR cheaper when investing in PS ecosystem from zero.

No I am not thrilled, but I am not devastated either at this point. I am a dev though and for me it is a good sign that they have already sold out the March and April preorders, though some of them might be fraudulent trying to buy them in bulk and resell them.

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Do we know what the Vive will cost?

No, nothing yet. I've tried the Vive and a DK2 kit, there was just no comparison. Technically there wasn't a big gap but the experiment of moving in a virtual space with real movements is unparalleled. And the technology used is a lot more advanced and smart (in my opinion). That's why i'm also more willing to know the Vive's price.


Still not entirely certain if I'll get this one or a PS VR, or if I'll just end up skipping it entirely this year :v

PS VR won't have PC support (and access to all the ridiculous game jam shit that'll be the most fun) and the hardware is obviously a lot more limited compared to a good PC, but getting the Rift basically means that I'll have to buy a new PC as well, and then it'll probably be closer to $1500 for the entire thing.

I am surprised that people thought it would be a lot cheaper than $599 though, seemed pretty clear that the early adopters would always have to pay a fairly high price to get in, would be wonderful if it was cheaper tho :)

I guess that's because the DK kits were sold at 300$ ?

And that the technology is basically a 5 - 6" smartphone screen, 2 lenses and few sensors ... Ok maybe a bit more :P But for 600$ (740€ with shipping in france ! what the fuck!!!) you don't even get the Occulus Touch ! :/ This stuff :


Too bad :-(

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I will get one when there are some games I want to play on it. The importance being the game(s), it needs to represent good value so I'd need at least 3 or 4 exciting titles to convince me it's worth it. I can't see that happening for a long time, don't want to play cockpit games. 

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• Expensive

• I'm waiting to see more with the HTC Vive (which, I'm pretty sure, will be also expensive)

• I'm waiting to see which is the best between Oculust and HTC Vive

• I'm waiting for more titles and good titles

• I'm waiting to have more money because I'll need a new computer for that


In a word :wait :shifty:

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