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[CS:GO] - de_cefalu_go - Beta released


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Hi everyone-

The beta for my de_cefalu_go for CS:GO has just been released! Download here

Please send any feedback to the author at novalin at gmail dot com, or post here.

Feedback Questions:

* How is the frame-rate (I have an old computer, so it was hard for me to test this myself)?

* Is one side overpowered? Why?

* Does the layout feel good?

* What details would you like to see?

* Any bugs?

Radar, overview, and loading screen coming later!


~ novalin

Teaser Video:




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Here's an image of the layout:


Basically, there are 3 major pathways the terrorists can take towards each site, with connecting points in the middle between those paths. Also, there is an elevated area in the center of the map that can be reached from either side, and can be used to control both sides of the map.

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use more displacement. For example make every single step with two displacement faces. Bend the middle a bit and make it nonsolid. After that you can and should add for instance a playerclip brush over it. It looks smoother but is no gamebraker.

It would be also nice if you use sprites for the ground. Give everything more volume. Also tweak the fog.

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New release is now up. DL here:



+ added radar

+ made a new path from CT Spawn to Site A

+ moved the T spawn points away from the beach so the team is closer together

+ moved the CT spawn points away from the edges so the team is closer together

+ rounded the edges of stairs in Long B and parts of Site B

+ clipped off triangular supports inside the large church to prevent camping

+ fixed glowing picture in kitchen

+ added door frame details inside house

+ fixed a decal that was bleeding through a wall

+ minor optimization improvements

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Finally playing this!

This is one of the best italy ports i've seen, and i'm not really a fan of italy themed maps =)


-LOVE the layout and vertical combat

-Extraordinary high amount of detail!

-superb job on an original/creative italy theme

-very pretty lighting and generally, a very pretty map

-Fun gameplay!(i played as ct only)


None really

Room for improvement:

-use smoothing groups to make some of the simpler structures, like this tower i'm pointing look better and alias those edges(don't know if i'm using the right term).

- fps is shady in a couple places for me. my rig is old(2.26 core 2 duo), but still, maybe some optimization is in order, e.g., skybox optimization, prop fading, areaportals, hints, etc.

- some structures are overly simplistic and could do with chamfering/bevel/trims, but if you are already experinceing any fps trouble, i know it would be tough to add more stuff.

- some structures are a little blocky, but no big deal!

- clippng: use triangular clips on stairs so it's "smoother" when you walk up them, and this should also help your navmesh creation, and hopefully shorten your vvis/vrad times.

NOTE: FYI, i'm a former gs mapper with not a lot of experience with source and go mapping, so please take that into account with my n00bish comments =)

Anyway i really enjoyed playing this map briefly, i wish you good luck completing it! =P

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Hey !

The flash loading screen don't work for me, as our in cs_siege. I suppose you put it in the bsp but it's not working.

Hi - It's not wrapped into the bsp actually, as the steam workshop grabs all the necessary files automatically when I upload. I did just put up a new version, perhaps try that?

Edited by novalin
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