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Lightbox Layoffs

sarge mat

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:( Yeah, hopefully KFS is hanging in there. Sucks that this has become common news, but at least the Lightbox president sounds like a good guy. There are good and bad ways of handling this kind of awful crap, and it sounds like they're doing things right. Hell, not too long ago, OnLive had their entire mess go down, where people didn't get severance pay or notified in a respectful manner. At least Lightbox sounds like it's being run with respect for their employees, even in a shitty situation such as this.
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Thanks guys. Checking out some local leads now, and we'll see if I can find something quick.

Here's a few portfolios of some other guys affected, really great talent:

http://randyforsyth.blogspot.com/ - 3D Character Artist, did almost every character in Starhawk.

http://chrismsmith1975.blogspot.com/ - 3D Hard Surface/Vehicle Artist - modeled and textured all the vehicles in Starhawk

http://ryangitter.carbonmade.com/ - Concept/Production artist

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