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Apeirogon Entertainment is hiring

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Apeirogon Entertainment is a brand new indie game company located in Vancouver, BC, Canada. We are currently in the early prototyping stage of our first project JetForce - a Sci-Fi first person shooter with a twist; every player has a constant flight jet pack ala The Rocketeer or Dark Void.

At this point in time we're looking for an environment artist who would be willing to volunteer some of their free time towards creating some environment prop models for the game. This job is on a Volunteer basis with possibility for Royalties after passing the probation period. If interested please contact info[AT]torquemod.com

We are also hiring for several other positions which can be seen on our jobs page http://apeirogon-games.com/jobs.html

For more info on the company visit our website at http://apeirogon-games.com/

To view our infrequently updated JetForce art dump gallery visit http://apeirogon-games.com/jetforce/

At the behest of my concept artist, I'm posting our "agreement" that we're signing with all of the team members. He thinks its a good idea to point out that anyone volunteering to help us out retains ownership of their work and if we do get funding, a new contract will be required. http://www.apeirogon-games.com/apeirogon_agreement.pdf

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