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Level Designer - Techland - Wroclaw, Poland


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Level Designer (based in: Wrocław)

Main task: designing and implementing levels into video games developed by Techland (work in ChromEd)

We require:

- 3+ years of experience in designing and implementing levels in video games

- experience in working with video game editors

- passion for and knowledge of the game development industry also from the players perspective

- creativity & artistic skills and taste (skills in drawing, sketching as well as possessing spatial imagination)

- high interpersonal skills, ability to cooperate with other team members

- ability to quickly build and test content and iterate gameplay

- good organization of own work, self-reliance and goal orientation for making the highest quality games

- will to relocate to Wrocław, Poland

- ability to communicate in English (language competence enabling to comprehend and create documentation in English)

Nice to have:

- 1 or more AAA game title shipped on next gen consoles (PS3, Xbox 360) or equivalent experience

Visit Techland Jobs page for more information: http://techlandjobs.com/job-offers,leve ... ner,4.html

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