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Recording UDK footage


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I'm wondering what's the best option for recording in-game UDK footage, if you want the highest possible quality?

I've tried fraps, but it made the environments look way too dark. I know there's a new Movie Capture-feature in UDK now, and IIRC it doesn't output that great quality. Are there any other options? Maybe I'm wrong about the movie capture. It's been a while (5-6 months) since I tried it.

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you could try using these parameters: -FULLSCREEN -BENCHMARK -FPS=30 -MAXQUALITYMODE -DUMPMOVIE -Resx=1920 -ResY=1080

is "dumpmovie" the command that dumps a screenshot for every frame? in that case, is there a way to specify where it's saved? I'm running UDK on a SSD disk but i don't have the space for 30-40gb of capture.

will check out dxtory and lossless fraps. thanks!

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DxTory worked great! no compression artifacts or anything that I could notice. thanks!

The reason fraps does what it does is because of the Codec and the way it's played back through most players. It actually has nothing to do with how it's captured >.<

With fraps footage if you convert it to Quicktime H.264 .mov instead of .Avi footage it shows no darkening ^^

Dxtory is definitely the way to go though imo :)

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I found that my video card was my problem when I had this happen.

For whatever reason, no matter what I did, FRAPS would record it VERY dark and I had to adjust (and ruin) my level lighting and gamma to make the level even visible.

When I got a new video card, FRAPS recorded videos that looked nearly identical to what I saw on screen. :-(

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