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Torchlight II - Blunder Of The Century Edition

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He's trying to say it's not a bad game after all. Probably.

Runic really should redesign their site:


Anyway... Game is simple as shit but there's hordes of people that like that click click click click click click click click click click click click...


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played up to act 2. it's definitely a much better, more polished game than the first. the weapons especially feel amazing, and the skill system is decent (albeit a bit confusing). of things i don't like about is that the mobs are hard to distinguish between each other, which forces you to read the text in order to realize which one does what, which again isn't an option given the game's pace. another thing is that the unique drop rate is too high (i got like 10 of them during act 1), which kind of trivializes how good they are compared to the rest. i don't know if there is a higher item tier than unique so far, but i guess if there is, it's more fitting. but generally i'm liking it, it is basically what diablo 3 should have been, give or take a few extra features.

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Still curious what Rick_D's comment is about. The game itself or some special edition rubs?

i was just commenting on the shortsightedness of releasing a game that required creating a runic account, and then linking that to your steam account, in order to play online with friends. and then not using a scaling cloud-system to manage the massive load you KNOW there's going to be on release day.

everybody who doesn't have a dozen dicks in their mouth knows their servers are going to get hammered when they release, and nobody does fuck all to prevent downtime, or they wildly under-estimate and under-budget for it.

here's a wicked sick idea: remove the dicks. from your mouth.

that was my general thinking, i mean the game seems kinda fun i guess, as far as this kinda shit goes but whatever. it was just a passing thought. standard. :oops:

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the punchline is that OP should teach a master's class on trolling. He's managed to con the majority of people replying into believing that he truly feels the way he does. If you look closely at his list of "grievances" every single point is something that's evolved slowly over the lifetime of the genre, all for the better I might add. I gotta hand it to him, he had me going for the first page of replies, but the more you read the more it's obvious he's quite possibly the most subtle and disciplined troll ever. Never fully engaging one person, and carefully dodging and parrying about the thread never getting hung up one person. It's marvelous to watch. Very awe-inspiring stuff.


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