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EA DICE hiring


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DICE is hiring, these are the most relevant positions for this board, but there's more on DICE's Jobs page

Mission Scripter


Role Overview

We are now looking for a Mission Scripter. Your work will be focused around what you like to do the most: building great games and solving technical problems! With the support and direction from the Lead Scripter you will work closely with Mission Designers, Artists and Coders to construct and refine the player experience from a blank sheet of paper to a finished product. In your role you are expected to adhere to best practices and scripting standards, implementing complex yet robust gameplay scenarios within single player or co-op missions.

What skills does DICE look for?

*Very comfortable scripting gameplay logic such as AI behavior and covers, events, physics puzzles and in-game cut-scenes

*Understanding of game design rules: learning curve, directing the player, difficulty levels, balancing, pacing, motivation & reward cycle, accessibility, etc

*Ability to interpret player and peer feedback and turn it into in-game solutions

*Fluent in visual-scripting languages (such as Unreal Kismet or similar)

Plus considered skills:

*Knowledge programming or text-based scripting languages

*Shipped AAA SP titles as Mission/Level Designer

*Engineering or Computer Science degree

*Good understanding of drama and the narrative process as well as incorporating this into good game play

Level Artist


Role Overview

DICE is now looking for a Level Artist with solid technical knowledge and skills that are able to push a programmer to generate new innovative looks, lighting, and moods in their levels. You are used to push yourself and others hard to achieve amazing results, you are also flexible to change and able to modify their work if it will result in improving the overall ambiance of the world they’re creating. The Level Artist must have a passion for building new and innovative worlds.

What skills does DICE look for?

*The ability to think in 3D

*Drawing/sketching skills that display basic skills as well as any modeling and texture work related to objects, buildings, natural terrain, etc.

*Excellent sense of form, weight (mass), and volume

*Good use of light and shadow

*Breadth of artistic styles

*An understanding of optimization

*Excellent sense of scale and level of finish

*Experience with 3D Software such as Maya

*Highly commitment to deadlines with ability to set realistic time estimates for own work

*Proactive and driven

*An excellent eye for detail and focus on delivering the very best quality

*Team player and good collaboration skills

Go core go :v

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