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Bohemia Int Employees arrested on Greek Island


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So would they actually go through with this? I mean... it's obvious that they're no spies so just confiscate the foto's and leave them be.


Crazy beyond belief, but far from the first time I've heard of stuff like this happening — sometimes just walking into a sensitive area is enough to be jailed. I think at this point you'd be pretty much retarded to take photos of anything that could remotely be considered sensitive, a thousand times more so when in a foreign country. Just not worth the risk.

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Yeah but this is the EU... I mean, wtf???

I can understand these charges: "illegal information collection" that those plane spotters ended up with when they dropped the more severe charges. But espionage?

This is far from justice. If you're a real spy, well then bad luck... you get what you bargained for. But stuff like this is beyond ridiculous.

Guess it's hard to prove someone is a spy or not though... :/

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