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Atrium [UDK]


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Hi there !

Since the last month, I'm working on an atrium inspired from a photo mix of the Cathedrale Saint aubain and the Opéra Garnier.

About the lighting, it still temporary since I don't have yet large windows to illuminate my atrium.

For the next, I will add some little fountain, suspended lamp, tile floor, decals and carpet to add colors to my work since it's really grey (seir pointed out that fact and he's completly right)




All texture are 1024*1024 (or 512*512 for the lightpole)

This project still WIP and none of what I show here is definitive so any critic or suggestion is greatly welcome =)


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Hey kikette ! You did a very good job on the models and textures, something that would definitely looks very cool in your portfolio; and that's a good thing that you posted the unlited version of your scene, because imo it shows clearly the main problem of your scene. Actually your textures are indeed very clean and detailed, but all this detailing is kinda lost because of the nuances of the overall scene that are very "flat".

Try to use gradients in the textures ( or even vertex color ) to have your assets popping out more from each others, try to get them to have directional nuances, like a gradient from the bottom to the top of your columns for example (that would accentuate the fact that they are vertical elements of composition) ; same thing for the staircase or the wall.

Also you could also try to use different hues in your assets, for example the wall could be tinted blue, and the colums tinted slightly yellow; that would make them stand out more and accentuate the fact that they are before the wall and thus adding more readability to the volumes and space. I think that even before adding your lighting, the volumes should be easily readable.

i made you a quick paintover that hopefully shows what i mean :



but hey don't get me wrong this is some very high quality work there :)

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Pogop => Thanks again for your precious advices by PM, it really helps =) I still very familiar with the source engine lighting, not the UDK one. I ll try to punch it up ;)

Kokosovar => WOW § Huge awesome here ! You are totally right *_* About the columns, I tried to keep something modular (by mixing the middle parts) but.. I didn't add anything so, I think I can put a nice gradient on ;) Thanks a lot to you too ! A nice update waiting me =D

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