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I'm happy to show what I'm working on for few weeks. It's called Project Hell and it's FPP H&S in dark fantasy world. Take a look:


It's funny how the game is made. We're totally independent so right now I feel like we're indie devs ;) Feedback/ideas will be appreciated.

PS - I'll try to place some mapcore and polycount logos as easter eggs :ninja:

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Yeah, making fantasy game is pure fun, a lot easier that making realistic shooter. You can place anything magical or medieval and it will work. I see people are more pardonable when it comes to medieval genere.

I'm not quite happy with the Prison level, I need to add more details to meshes, detail normals and stuff... Oh, and I'll definitely change the floor tiles!


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Is the site down? I just tried taking a look and got an error page.

Yes, the site was offline for a while.

Loving that shot, atmosphere oozing out of it. :-D Seems like a very sweet project to work on, hopefully it'll be just as sweet to play!

Fantasy is awesome but I'm out of ideas when it comes to props. Medieval age was boring ;) Right now I'm refactoring some meshes (floor looks bad and floor/wall transition is to hard).

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I'm prototyping a new location, gothic architecture, catacombs and stuff. Here's a blog post with some screens:

http://sharpenyouraxes.com/2012/09/07/p ... -location/




Lots of fun and no difficulties so far! I've even baked normal for the dimensions texture ;) Soon I'll post an article about creating such maps. What kind of stuff you'd like to read there?

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flood it, add rats, lots of rats, tombs, and a treasure map! :D find a ring on the corpse of a prince, open a secret passage that leads to an underground cave system :cool:

Some nice ideas here! :) Thanks! :)

this the geometry final? it seems very well made for just a blockout

Nope, not final. The next step is to UV/texture it and add details + edit normals. Then LOD, collision hull and AO bake.

aweeesoooome wrote news about this (Swedish though):


Woohoo! Thanks! :)

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