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Command and Conquer: Free to Play


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About 5 days ago word got out that Generals 2 will be turned into a free to play game. More on that here. It will be a part of the Command and Conquer online hub. If that wasn't enough, it's now announced that there will be no single player campaign.

After the smack in the face that was C&C4, I've now lost absolutely all faith in this once glorious franchise. I already see it happening:

Achievement unlocked: You have built your first unit

You have won the battle

Buy more resources

This is a sad day indeed. Sorry to be negative, but come on, tell me I ain't right?

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I'm really disappointed with where Command and Conquer has gone as well.

I keep thinking to myself, maybe in another timeline, C&C went on to even better things after RA2. Maybe the Soviets won afterall :(

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Game got cancelled and the studio is shut down. Sucks for the people who worked there. EA is sitting on a pile of gold but they are too retarded to know how to dig it up.



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