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The Half-Life 3 thread of closure and memorium

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All this Half Life 3 talk has gotten me reality exciting and frustrated at the same time. Luckily I know some people that know some people that hack some people. So I paid 500 euro's for them to hack Valve and show the current state Half Life 3 is in. Well, it was money well spent. I'm posting this here first, so Mapcore has the exclusive. No need to thank me, just enjoy these 3 Half Life 3 screenshots. BTW, the codename for the project is "Quiver".




You're welcome!

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every year valve waits with releasing hl3, expectations will grow so I can't say I'm slowly getting more sceptical about the silence around hl3 since the wait has been this long already...

I was like that for 2, that i was dissapointed when i played it.

Now it's been such a long wait that i "don't care anymore", probably it will be much better if and when it arrives.


Does it make any sense that they won't announce it until they are sure they can deliver it for a certain date without delays? I mean, the debacle for HL2 was kinda bad, and I did see too much footage for the time it came out; I hope something like they announce it, show a teaser, and in three months they show two other trailers and ship it.

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holy shit can that engine look good


Yeah man. I've never played Half-Life 2 with the HDR update so might have to spin it up soon. Although I don't know if I can handle this shit for a second time (0:45):






just kill me now

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