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The Half-Life 3 thread of closure and memorium

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45 minutes ago, blackdog said:

Must say I was somewhat disappointed by the noclip documentary: there’s a lot of people that really had little to do with the original game(s) or the community projects. I mean Corey from Santa Monica had interesting stories and observations… but wasn’t involved in anything HL!

I wonder if this was due to wanting to only interview in person, or if people just turned down the offer, I would have been happy to settle for Skype calls if that was with more involved people. Like, how nobody from Black Mesa was available, other than Yang who actually left a long time ago? Can’t believe that anyone in the Natural Selection or Insurgency teams would have found time to speak for this. I’m wondering all this as well cos they put the word out only like a month ahead of the actual HL birthday… you’d expect something like this to be developed over longer time… 


Wow how did they add such graphics enhancements to Source? Can’t believe a mod can get such access to rendering.


I agree, it was nice to go back down the memory lane, but a lot of those guests were kind of out of place.

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