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The Half-Life 3 thread of closure and memorium AKA what Tyler McVicker just said on YouTube


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2 hours ago, will2k said:

Probably still reusing TF2 source 1 VTFs? or placeholder materials?

Probably. I think good materials are really the secret sauce in Source 2, if you turn shaders off it loses so much charm.

Nothing there looks fancy enough to pass for modern physically based game art, it’s just some vague, abstract gloss, the chairs for instance don’t have any kind of grainy plastic specular. In a scene like that you’re going to want to differentiate the materials a lot between plastic, glass, metal etc otherwise it looks flat and dull

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Those shots just look like TF2 to me. I'm not even sure what a "remaster" of TF2 would include tbh. Yeah, implementing current lighting and material setups/workflows, but Valve spent 10 years or something ridiculous trying to get everything, especially the art direction, nailed. Another decade from now, all the artist and art styles that influenced the art direction will instantly be seen and recognized. Would tossing it into the PBR world be all that much of change? 

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Better lighting is the only thing that can up the quality here. Really shows you how strong art style of tf2 is. I don't agree that the materials looks dated. Thats the art direction of tf2 and there is nothing you can do to make them "current gen" without loosing their soul.

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On 8/10/2021 at 12:43 PM, will2k said:

With HL3 nowhere to be seen/heard, remasters/remakes are back on the menu



Here's a Video Showcase:

And site:

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This came up on my lockscreen and I would be strongly convinced that it could have very well been on the reference moodboard for the Lighthouse level of HL2. In particular because of that pillar/structure closer to the camera... it really makes me think of the way Gordon escapes from the location (and from where he sees the buggy taken away by the Combine).

Is it just me?


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